Yoga is You: A Poem

Yoga is you.
Yoga is your own sacred practice.
Everything you experience within your yoga is your gift from the Universe.
The intricate little thoughts that float through your mind.
The gentle shaking you feel in your body as you balance in a posture.
The intimate love you feel as you breathe your breath in fully to inflate your lungs.
Each of these experiences are exactly what you need in that moment.
Allowing yoga to be the most intimate practice you can give yourself.
When you step onto your mat and let down your guard,
Diligently requesting that you ego stay at bay,
You enter into a sacred contract with your Soul,
Allowing the intuitive guidance your Soul wants to impart,
To be received, to be felt, to be experienced and to be accepted.
This sacred communion,
between mind, body and Soul,
is the definition of peace,
the definition of love,
the definition of yoga.
You are yoga.
Yoga is your own sacred practice.

Hello, I am Deanna Deacon. There once was a time when I disliked yoga. I found it slow, boring, and unimpactful. This was a time in my life when everything moved at a very fast pace – something I now know as a pattern to keep me from truly feeling & evolving. When I lived in New Zealand for a year, living amongst the rolling hills, the simple lifestyle and the incredible skies, something inside of me opened up. I was suddenly able to slow down, to feel, to breathe, to experience life in the present moment, and thus, my love for yoga began. Many years later I now incorporate the healing power of yoga asana into my intuitive life coaching practice through intimate 1:1 sessions, small group classes and international retreats. The physical difference you can see in a person when they have dropped from their thoughts into their bodies is simply beautiful.