Give back to your community by volunteering
and receive a complimentary day pass for the Victoria Yoga Conference


Each year the Victoria Yoga Conference needs 90+ volunteers to make the event successful. Volunteering is a great way to network while getting a behind-the-scenes look at the conference and earning a conference discount. Volunteering is open to all conference attendees.

Want to sign up as a volunteer? Keep reading to find out more about how volunteers assist and support the key areas of the conference.

As a volunteer, you are the face of the conference. You will be expected to be punctual, respectful, helpful and reliable. Onsite volunteers will be provided with an orientation manual and it will be very beneficial to you to become knowledgeable on various aspects of the conference such as event locations, layout of the venue, general conference information and program details. Volunteering before the conference could mean hosting an event, postering, or creating graphic images.  During the conference you may be responsible for checking wristbands, helping attendees get organized in the room, managing the bag and coat check, familiarizing yourself with the layout at the Conference to provide directional assistance to attendees, and being a great host!

Scheduling volunteers requires a tremendous amount of coordination and planning and we appreciate so much your support in honouring your shifts, showing up on time, and staying until the job is done! We are delighted you are interested in volunteering.

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Victoria Yoga Conference Commitment

  • We will give you a pass to practice at the conference*. We will also give you a tank top or t-shirt that tells everyone you are a volunteer at the conference.
  • Ongoing support and recognition from the Volunteer Manager, your fellow volunteers, and the entire Victoria Yoga Conference Team.

 Your Commitment to us:

  • To work a minimum of 11 hours before, during or after the Conference
  • To complete an evaluation form post-conference, giving us both your own suggestions and any feedback that you may have received from conference attendees.
  • Share information via your social networking channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)

*Your total number of volunteer hours (minimum eleven hours) will determine the level of pass (one day to full access) you receive. 

A/V Team & Teacher Support

Have experience with sound systems, photography or videography? Join this team and support our teachers as they set-up music and their teacher mics and other equipment. Members of this team need to be available Friday evening for training. If you are interested in joining this team, please indicate that on your application from as well as letting us know what experience you have.

Logistics Team

This team is responsible for ensuring the conference space is welcoming and ready on Friday, and for tearing it down afterwards on Sunday or Monday. There may be some lifting involved, and some team members will need access to a vehicle to transport items between downtown and UVic. If you are interested in this role, let us know if you have a car.

Room Hosts

As a session monitor, you will liaise with teachers to ensure they have all necessary equipment, welcome attendees as they enter the session room, introduce the teacher, and ensure classes start and end on time. Room monitors are assigned to one room for one day.

Door Monitors

Door monitors are responsible for ensuring everyone who attends a class is wearing a wristband. You will also check participants off on a class list, clear the room after class, and sweep the teaching space before the next class begins.

Hospitality Volunteers

Hospitality volunteers will do everything from managing the bag and coat check to traveling with attendees on the bus to providing directions as attendees arrive on-campus. Directional volunteers will be responsible for giving directions to conference attendees at posts throughout campus. Attendees will expect you to have the answer to everything, so familiarize yourself with the conference schedules, venue and room locations.

Conference Hosts

You will work closely with the Volunteer Manager to make sure that everybody is looked after and things are running smoothly.

Registration and Information Desk

At the registration and information desk, you will welcome attendees and provide them with their registration materials. You will be expected to know everything so pre-reading all of the schedules and conference materials in advance is important! You will also sell conference merchandise.


Are you active in your home town yoga community and interested in sharing information about the Victoria Yoga Conference. If this sounds good to you, apply now to become an AMBASSADOR for the Victoria Yoga Conference. We believe building strong communities creates abundance for everyone. You help spread the word about us and we provide an opportunity for you to participate in the 2019 conference, give away passes and create a buzz in your own city.

Pre- and Post-Conference Volunteers

If you have time before the conference to help out with logistics, postering and administrative work, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know on your application where your expertise can support us!