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Originally published Spring 2013.
Tracey Noseworthy Yoga

Tracey Noseworthy, founder of Jala Yoga in Victoria, joined the 2013 Victoria Yoga Conference as a workshop presenter. She was also involved in the January Yogathon that took place as the lead-up to the conference event. Her experience was “incredible from beginning to end.” Tracey really appreciated and enjoyed the day-by-day flow of the activities and events and felt the space was perfect for the community involved. Everyone she encountered was incredibly friendly.

Often we think that we know everyone in our field because Victoria is so “small”, but Tracey was pleasantly surprised at VYC. Anticipating knowing the good majority of the presenters and participants, Tracey had a smile on her face when she realized that her realm of connection could be broadened in one weekend. The relationships she made with new people brought her inspiration, and she was given the opportunity to deepen  relationships she already had.

After being a part of the 2013 Victoria Yoga Conference, Tracey feels grateful for the challenges she faced personally during some of the classes she attended as they brought her to deeper levels of her own practice. She is also grateful for the overall community flow that accompanied the entire conference. Everyone involved was just that, truly involved. VYC really opened the door to Victoria hosting that “big city” feel in a small city atmosphere. Tracey made a lot of really great new connections with people living in Victoria, and with those who had come from out of town.

When asked what the Victoria community received from hosting this event, Tracey responded that it benefited every single individual involved. Whether they were a presenter, an organizer, a participant, a sponsor or a vendor,  each individual received benefits in the form of fulfillment, variety, challenge and the so very sought-after space to just be. Since the conference, Tracey has been inspired to dive deeper into presenting, self-growth, self-learning and is happy to say she holds the confidence to do all of these things without fear.

Tracey also had the opportunity to talk with Carolyne Taylor, founder of the VYC and Karen Elgersma of Shaw’s Go Island.


Considering participating at a Victoria Yoga Conference? Here is Tracey’s advice:

Commit to your self-growth | Dive into the possibilities | See what’s out there


Tracey Noseworthy‘s infectious smile warmly welcomes students of all ages and levels to embody a flow that rides on the currents of breath. She is known for her positive energy and sense of humour which adds to her philosophy that yoga is full of joy and playfulness. Tracey is continually inspired by music, leading her students to move within a rhythmn simply encouraged by the background beat. She leads classes and workshops motivating her students to listen to their breath, honour the teacher that lies within, and sink deeply into the journey of yoga at any level. Graduating from McMaster University, with a Physical Education Degree, she has continued to further her career in many areas of fitness, always growing with the evolution of the industry. In 2007 she became a certified yoga instructor under the inspiration of Shiva Rea, and now lives her Yoga on and off the mat. Visit Tracey online at Jala Yoga.