Tracey Noseworthy

Tracey began her journey fuelled by the inspiration of Shiva Rea twelve years ago, and has since studied with many teachers around the world dedicated to the practice and sharing of yoga as a way of life. Tracey’s teachings blend the traditional Eastern philosophy and asana with todays desire for physical practice, while integrating the mind body connection. She teaches public, private and corporate classes in Victoria as well as workshops and teacher trainings on and off the island. Her classes are full of energy, bright light and humour, yet they are focussed, strong and welcoming.

View Tracey’s workshops for the 2018 Victoria Yoga Conference

This is my 6th year teaching at the Victoria Yoga Conference.  I absolutely love the community that it brings together, and the love that is shared between the students and the teachers.  It is an empowering weekend, built around a vision that we are all here to share what we have.  We are one, and when we join together to practice Peace, and share in Love we have the ability to conquer anything we set our minds to, and attract anything we wish for. This weekend is full of laughter, and love, inspiration and reflection, drawing in and letting go, tears of joy and vulnerability and so much more. I am a true believer that I am always a student, balanced with the teacher inside me. The Yoga Conference offers a perfect balance of growth, because at the heart of the matter, we are always a student with a willingness to learn.

– Tracey Noseworthy –

What is your guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure is a glass of red wine, a hot bath with a few candles and some cheese and crackers.  It’s my day end pleasure after a long day of teaching and even my kids will say, “ Mom, take a bath and I’ll pour you a glass of wine”.  I love it, and I love them for noticing.

What is your favourite song to practice yoga to? I have so many favourite songs to practice to, so to pick a favourite is challenging for me.  Lately I have fallen in love with Three Arms, by Nada Sadhana and Kevin Courtney.  It’s lilting with beats and build that inspires the body to balance and move with rhythm.

Do you have any healthy eating secrets? Healthy eating is everywhere, all you need to do is be aware.  I indulge in a morning coffee with homemade almond milk everyday.  My balance is a lot of water throughout the day, juice, or kombucha or hot tea depending on the weather.  Food is fun, and as creative as you make it.  Salads, fresh and organic, grains, seafood and the always influential Italian herbs offer the enhancement of flavour.  I’m not one to deprive myself, so I always offer moderation with the understanding that I still am what I eat, and what I eat will directly reflect how I feel.