The Journey is the Destination

Guest blog post by VYC Ambassador Meighlin McNeil.


The Journey is the Destination

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 8.20.21 AMYoga is a journey, a beautiful one, where we become reacquainted with our authentic self. We discover our unique gifts, which were always within. We begin to embrace them, offering them into the world.

While one can easily become enraptured wit h the appearance of the poses, yoga is much more than just the outer expression in asana. It is a journey within; an internal practice. Through yoga you begin to witness your thoughts, beliefs and patterns, seeing them reflected in your life.

You become aware that each moment offers you the opportunity to shift your experience. You start to direct your energy in a way that is in alignment with your true Self, shift your thoughts, breathe into the moment and deepen your intimacy with Life.

Initially, yoga asana creates a feeling of calm, of focus, excitement and even challenge. Yet with each step you take along the path, another aspect of your true Self is revealed. You discover there are paths for everyone and you walk the one that resonates in your heart, for your journey.

Yoga is a science and an art. As such, there are many expressions and methods. The eight limbs of yoga can guide you in all aspects of your life! Embrace the learning experience. Once you arrive at one place, there is always another to discover.

So, whether you are taking your first step onto a mat, or have been practicing for years, yoga offers you wellness, in body and mind, greater connection to yourself, the world and the wonderful gift of insight.

Enjoy the journey.  It will bring you closer to your Self, each step of the way.


Meighlin Mcneill vancouverYoga is a place of grace where one can reconnect with one’s authentic self, access the calm spaciousness within and bring that quality of being into daily life. The transformation that unfolds through a Yoga practice is truly beautiful. Trained in traditional Hatha Yoga, I teach heart centred Yoga classes focused on connecting with the breath and moving through asana in a joyful way. I offer classes in Hatha, Prenatal and Postnatal, as well Breathing into Birth workshops. Visit my website at for more info.