The Art of Practicing Small

<em> Guest post by Lindsay Rose</em>

I hear so much in the way of “Go for the Gusto!”, “Dream Big”, “Go Big or Go Home”. While this concept has it’s place occasionally in our lives, I believe in “Practicing Small”.

I believe in slowing down and enjoying every single small step along the way.

I believe in having gratitude for the small things in life.

I believe in starting small to accomplish something grand.

I believe a small pebble thrown into water can have a long lasting ripple effect.

I believe in committing to one small step that is a stepping stone along our journey. When you take many of these little steps, it propels you forward to a very beautiful place, to a place of wellness.

<strong>You can easily apply the Art of Practicing Small to your health and wellness:

</strong> <ul>  <li>Drink 1 extra glass of water when you wake up in the morning.</li>  <li>Dance around your living room to 1 song each day.</li>  <li>Say an affirmation like “I am Loved, Needed and Valued” for 30 seconds.</li>  <li>Compliment a stranger once a week.</li>  <li>Take in 3 long, slow, deep breaths.</li>  <li>Read a paragraph from a spiritual book.</li> </ul> These are just a few examples of the art of practicing small. When done on a regular basis these small acts can positively influence your body, mind and spirit.

Yoga is a rewarding practice on so many levels, but to a beginner it can be daunting. From thinking I need to practice every single day intensively in order to get the poses right to seeing the pros winding their bodies into these elastic pretzel shapes can be very intimidating to someone who can barely even touch their toes.

I believe the simple act of showing up for your practice, whether it be at a studio or in your living room, is a huge statement to yourself saying that ‘I am worthy of this time to take care of me‘. This act of just showing up is a small (but in it’s own way, really HUGE) step.

<strong>Here are small additions you can add to your yoga practice:

</strong> <ul>  <li>Have an acute awareness of your inhalation and exhalation as you move through poses. Make it about the breath, not the shape of your pose.</li> </ul> <ul>  <li>

Focus purely on the breath for 1 whole sun salutation.</li> </ul> <ul>  <li>Hum an ‘Ommmmmm‘ before you start your practice, to help raise your vibration.</li> </ul> <ul>  <li>Hold gratitude in your heart and mind at the end of your practice. (In the words of Liz Zdunich of Namaste Inspired Athletics: “Express gratitude for the amazing body that just allowed you to play for the last hour.”)</li> </ul> <ul>  <li>Spend an extra 2 minutes in Savasana, knowing you are gifting yourself an extra 2 minutes of “Me Time” in your life.</li> </ul> <ul>  <li>Learn 1 new pose (or return to an old favourite you might have forgotten.)</li> </ul> <ul>  <li>Expand your repertoire: Read about a different style of yoga you normally wouldn’t practice.</li> </ul> <ul>  <li>
Affirm to yourself: “I am doing the best I can, and that IS enough”.</li> </ul> For a beginner, these small steps may never ever lead you do an upside down pretzel pose… but they will lead you to a place where you will find a moment of peace in each step you do take, that you can savor and enjoy as long as you are there.

<strong>So practice the small steps in life, they do make a difference.</strong>


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