Teacher Feature: Tracey Noseworthy

bakasana Nimmo BayWhat is your favourite song to practice yoga to? Favourite song to practice to ~ I have many, but lately A Saddhu Walk by DJ Drez, it begins with a quiet deep rhythm and peaks mid way with an essence of grounding that anchors my practice and my deep connection to self.

What or who inspires you? My inspiration comes from my children, that’s an easy one. They look to me with love, for answers at times, and the constant desire to learn. They inspire me to be the best Mother that I can, and always find the love no matter what the situation is asking of me.

How do you recharge your batteries? The recharge of the batteries is a cozy one. It’s a hot bath, a cup of tea or a glass of wine, a little jazz and a good book. I can spend hours in there, so it’s easy to recharge when I need to.

What is your favorite season and why?  It’s not quite as easy to pick a favourite season, but I might have to pick summer. I absolutely love the long days, the sunshine, the blossoms, flowers, green leaves and blue skies. It is the warmth on my skin and the freedom to practice outside anywhere at anytime and always be barefoot. Having said that, spring is a close second 🙂

What do you like most about the Victoria Yoga Conference? I absolutely love the Victoria Yoga Conference because of the community it brings together. It draws students who have been practicing yoga for years, as well as students who are new and curious to big picture that it offers. Teachers from our city are welcomed with open arms, and teachers from across Canada are welcomed with the same love. It really is a weekend dedicated to learning, growing, sharing, laughing, loving and connecting with one’s self as well as with so many like minded people around you.


avatar.jpg.320x320px (2)“As a Vinyasa Flow teacher, I feel so lucky to love what I do! My yoga comes from my heart, my own practice, and I approach each class as my true self, with an element of humour and my own idiosyncrasies. I hope to inspire my students with a philosophy full of joy and playfulness. I enjoy watching when I teach, without judgement, witnessing growth, self expression and freedom in my students, from which I am truly inspired.”

Find Tracey teaching on Saturday February 6th Embodiment – Self Discovery and Self Nourishment