Teacher Feature: Tina James

Teacher Feature: Tina James

11088332_10152706628441332_7300487870141099851_nFind Tina speaking at the Illuminations Event, and teaching Good Vibrations at 10:00am Saturday February 6th and Timeless Vinyasa Krama on Sunday February 7th.

What or who inspires you? Inspiration means encouragement, motivation and stimulation. Inspiration moves me out of the habitual narrow confines of who I thought I was and into the unknown. Inspiration to me is humility, the wonderous state of not knowing. From this place of zero, limitless possibilities seem to arise. I want my presence to enhance the lives of others and the world, i want to do all i can for the animals whales dolphins. Animal activism inspires me to not bury my head, and get up and do something.

Do you have a personal philosophy you live by? The Yoga practitioner should take an active role in today’s political climate, To be political means that you care about others; the other beings with whom you share this world with. So being political is very much in line with the teachings of compassion, which are the foundation of the yogic teachings. The goal of the Yoga practice is Samadhi (Yoga enlightenment, super-consciousness). What is realized in the state of Samadhi is the oneness of being. Yoga practices are methods to help us over come “otherness; to free us from the constraints of linear time and bound perceptions of three-dimensional space. I feel this is the only philosophy for me.

Do you have any healthy eating secrets? Vegan. DOMESTIC animals, whales dolphins wild animals and my bears. Forty percent of the fish caught from the oceans is fed to livestock – pigs and chickens are becoming major aquatic predators. The livestock industry is one of the greatest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions ever. The eating of meat is an ecological disaster, being vegan, is for environmental conservation reasons. Also having just survived cancer for now being vegan saves lives and my own and the planet just too my humans thats it, so something has to change.
Describe your personal yoga practice. Wake up at 5am, Neti, and tongue scrapping. Nauli Kriya / standing Udhiyana Bandha practice, nadi sodhana (alternate nostril breathing) and Vedic chanting. Shyamdas ji readings. Pranayama is very important to me, 3 day Ashtanga, 3 days Jivamukti practice. 30 meditation daily 30 mins. 1 day ski patrol. and then teaching daily at my studio. and being with my beloved family and dogs and snake. one has to make time for Sādhana is not like doing work. Sādhana is that which comes within me. I love to be in Nature doing my activism showing movies and working with Bear smart and sea shepherd

If you could spend one day anywhere in the world where would it be?  The cove in Japan trying to help the dolphins and pilot whales with my sons.

What do you like most about the Victoria Yoga Conference? The organic none commercial side of this conference, not a great lover of large corporations, Victoria is providing Accessibility for an open dialogue about yoga’s adaptability – as in how to truly ensure yoga is for everyone – as well as more classes, teachers and studios who can serve yogis with the myriad of body types and abilities they come to yoga with. This is truly a great conferance for the local vendors and community. plus many different subjects. and most of all the students and thats whats important without them no conference.
This is one of the few conferences i feel i have not sold out to and i am grateful they run it so we can have this wonderful Satsang together.


Tina James

Tina is the owner director of Loka Yoga in Whistler, is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, and is known for her chanting, choreographic sequencing, and knowledge of the subtle body. Widely considered to be a “teacher’s teacher”, she transmits the Jivamukti lineage as a mentor at the Jivamukti teacher training and runs many of her own teacher trainings.

Tina’s class’s are infused with humor, vigorous practice, major rehab for serious injuries, and a different approach to assisting for total self-transformation.

Incorporating vigorous flow sequences, along with an integration of yogic philosophy, chanting, and strong emphasis on activism and ethical vegetarianism, Tina’s classes create a shift in perception where magic rises. Each of her dynamic and vigorous classes inspires students to honor and connect to body and spirit. Students regularly note the playful element of her classes and her deep sense of humor. She is known for her impassioned, unique teachings & dynamic classes, with attention to detail, precise alignment and a strong sense of empowerment.