Teacher Feature: Sherrice Kirby

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Find Sherrice teaching Strategic Manifestation on Saturday February 6th at 10:00am.

What or who inspires you? Right NOW.. The daily unfolding and peeling back of the layers of who I am and am not. Witnessing the resurrection from my own bullshit.

What is your favourite song to practice yoga to? Rhye “Open” and anything Sade

What is your morning ritual? Left hand on heart, Right hand on belly.. “Thank you for this day, direct me to essence and use me”. Hike in nature with my dog.

What is your guilty pleasure? Screw the guilt of pleasure.. BE, LIVE and LOVE your PLEASURE.. NO GUILT .. When you embrace this your entire existence is all pleasure. Give me tons of love, cuddles with my kid, amazing sex with my husband, fabulous food & wine with the women I love, a meditative hike, sweaty yoga stretch & a fast horseback ride.. (this is all pleasure & perfection)

What advice would you give your younger self? You are enough, listen to your gut, say No faster & let go.. of it all. Say “yes” to the excited flutter in your tummy, if it’s from a place of creativity.. It’s awesome. No one but you is responsible for this life & your happiness. Stay raw, open, and love the flow. You so have this, just stay true to you. Call them on their bullshit & manipulation without apology and move on. Mind your energy in all environments. Most importantly.. “no one is paying all that much attention to you, so go for it”
What do you like most about the Victoria Yoga Conference? Connecting with the community & serving them. Taking classes from teachers that I rarely get to practise with.


Sherrice Kirby Business & Lifestyle Strategist, Best-Selling Author, Reiki Master, Yogi, fabulous wife & mother – dedicated to connecting creators with soulful strategies for their businesses & lives. She is the Creator of Manifesto & Mapping, greatlife design mastermind & Greatlife Retreat. Sherrice is a nature loving, dog walking, horseback riding, fresh food eating goddess of the great life.