Teacher Feature: Robyn Unwin

What do you like most about the Victoria Yoga Conference?  I love the diversity of topics and the variety of sessions.  The conference is well curated to cater to people of all levels and all interests. 

What is your favourite quote? “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”  Joseph Campbell

 What book have you read over and over again? “Eastern Body Western Mind:  Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self” by Anodea Judith is my most dog-eared book of all time – it has been my go-to metaphysical textbook for decades.  

Describe your personal yoga practiceBellyfit is my foundation – I’ve been taking at least one class / week for years and I love the sacred movement to music.   One of the best decisions I’ve made was to join a yoga studio for the year.  I’m now exposed to more teachers, I attend more regularly, and I feel part of a lovely, conscious community.


Many people choose a word for their year.  Do you have a word for 2016? My theme for 2016 is “Rooted in Sacred” and is a reminder to tune in to my inner self to live a balanced, peaceful and purposeful life.


Robyn is a media trainer and video branding coach who helps her clients define, declare and deliver their message to a larger audience through video.  Her education and experience in both broadcast journalism and marketing has been foundational for supporting the media rise of top CEOs and business leaders, including coverage on the Oprah Winfrey Show, 20/20, ABC News, Speigel TV (Germany), and Chatelaine and Cosmopolitan magazines.  Robyn’s fun-loving and open-hearted approach creates a relaxed environment for people to learn the art of working with video and the media and create an authentic and unforgettable brand.  And she LOVES yoga!!