Teacher Feature: Lindsay Rose

avatar.jpg.320x320px (17)Teacher Feature: Lindsay Rose

Find Lindsay performing Reiki on Sunday February 7th at 12:00pm for restorative Yoga and Healing Group Reiki.

Many people choose a word for their year. Do you have a word for 2016? Connection.

Do you have a personal philosophy you live by? Spread Love. Spread Joy. Spread Inspiration.

What is one book you have read over and over again? You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay
— it was life changing the first time I read it, and when I feel drawn to read it again at a different points in my life, there is always something that deeply resonates with me between the pages and helps me move forward with ease, understanding and grace.

What advice would you give to your younger self? Hold on tight, baby, you’re in for a wild ride…. and despite the hardships you’ll face, you’ll rise above and move forward each and every time. So be gentle with yourself, say ‘No’ to the pressure from others, and ‘Yes’ to your soulful whisperings.

What is your favourite song to practice yoga {or in my case, Reiki} to? Any song off Peter Jack Rainbird’s album Unravel. It’s Beautiful. Uplifting. Calming. Mesmerizing.
What do you like most about the Victoria Yoga Conference? The sense of community I feel when I am there — So many hugs are exchanged over the course of the weekend that leave me feeling fulfilled, nourished and joyful.

Hello there, I’m Lindsay Rose! I am a dream chaser, an art maker, a belly laugher, a soulful healer and spiritual enthusiast. I love the sun on my face, my dog by my side, a map in my hand and an unexplored path before me. On paper I may be a Holistic Health Practitioner, a Reiki Master Teacher and retreat leader, but really, my true art is much deeper than that. I am a body balancer, a mind relaxer, a soul inspirer and a life aligner. I combine over 14 years of service in energy medicine, reiki, shiatsu massage and other soulful goodies, which leave clients and students savouring an inspired and sacred experience. When I’m not playing with energy and teaching beautiful souls, you will find me dancing around my living room, belly-laughing or soul searching….. sometimes all at once.