Teacher Feature: Larissa Szlavik

avatar.jpg.320x320px (7)Teacher Feature: Larissa Szlavik

Find Larissa teaching Your Brain on Yoga at 2:00pm on February 6th at the Victoria Yoga Conference.

What or who inspires you? Over the years I have worked closely with individuals with disabilities, and the capacity for a person to find meaning behind adversity is inspirational.

What is your favourite quote? “Suppose I hold a leaf in my hand. What do you see? A leaf is a leaf; it is not a flower. But in fact, when we look deeply into the leaf, we can see many things. We can see the plant, we can see the sunshine, we can see the clouds, we can see the earth. When we utter the word leaf, we have to be aware that a leaf is made of non-leaf elements. If we remove the non-leaf elements, such as the sunshine, the clouds, and the soil, there will be no leaf left. So it is with our bodies, and ourselves. We’re not the same as, nor are we separate from, other beings. We’re connected to everything, and everything is alive” – Thich Nhat Hanh (from the Book “Your True Home”

What is your favourite song to practice yoga to? “PBC” by: A Tribe Called Red

How do you recharge your batteries? Creating – music, art, writing – it fills my tank with inspiration and passion.

What do you like most about the Victoria Yoga Conference? It brings together many inspiring people and makes me feel more connected to the yoga community here 🙂

Larissa has an infectious passion for the wonder of brain science. She graduated from the University of Victoria with Honours, where she researched the plasticity of the brain. Since completing the 500-hour Therapeutic Teacher Training at Ajna Yoga Centre, it has been her mission to use her expertise in science to bolster support for the clinical applications of yoga. She co-developed and instructs the 40-hour CEC workshop “Your Brain on Yoga” which has been integrated into the curriculum at Ajna and has lectured on the therapeutic benefits of yoga for Mental Illness to health professionals.

Find Larissa teaching Your Brain on Yoga at 2:00pm on February 6th at the Victoria Yoga Conference.