Teacher Feature: Katie Thacker

victoria event photographer - Victoria yoga conference-191What or who inspires you? My students inspire me! To see my students push through tough times on and off the mat, to see their progress physically, mentally and emotionally… that is inspiration for me.

What is your favorite song to practice yoga to? My favorite song to practice to right now is Airport Blues by Arms and Sleepers

Many people choose a word for their year.¬† Do you have a word for 2016? This year I have chosen more of a phrase… Think Big. This year I am cultivating big ideas and seeking big opportunities.

How do you recharge your batteries? Nature is number one. Usually when I am stressed or overstimulated, getting out of the city and into the forest or ocean is the most healing. I also love lathering up with sesame oil and soaking in the bath tub with some lavender oil.

What is your guilty pleasure? Pizza for sure.

What do you like the most about the Victoria Yoga Conference? The Conference is so community oriented. I love going and feeling completely comfortable and at home, meeting new friends and old friends and enjoying the energy of the space. There is something so magical about a large group of people coming together to better themselves and the world around them.

12312358_10100371258887217_288321409_nKatie is a passionate, dedicated, and hardworking yogi! Katie strives to bring intention and a sense of community into everything she does and is not afraid to push boundaries. Katie is described as a guiding light with the ability to hold a loving and supportive space on and off the mat. She is constantly working to create a more inclusive and accepting community, which shines through the most when she is teaching and practicing acro yoga. Katie has worked hard over the past year to create a thriving acro yoga community in her city. Katie also teaches deliberate and thoughtful vinyasa yoga, which allows students to discover new spaces within the body through direct and accessible alignment cues. Her calm demeanor and soothing voice bring sweetness to every yin class and yoga nidra she shares.

Find Katie teaching four classes at this years Victoria Yoga Conference: Intro to Acro 1 at 12:00pm on Saturday February 6th, Fly to the Roar at 8:00am, Intro to Acro 2 at 10:00am and Vitamin Yin at 2:00pm on Sunday February 7th.