Teacher Feature: Julia Menard

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Find Julia teaching Moving Through Conflict on Sunday February 7th.

What or who inspires you? I am inspired by people almost on a daily basis! I definitely have human-philia! I am also inspired by those close to me – my daughter, my friends colleagues and clients! I’d say places and non-humans inspire me too – the forests near my home, the ocean down the block, my dog, my garden, music. Inspiration is, I think, the breathe of life!

Do you have a personal philosophy you live by? I have a few but the one I want to share right now is that everything that is showing up out there that I might not like, might not want somehow, and I mean everything, can be traced back to a distortion in my own perception. This can easily be misunderstood as everything being our own fault. That’s not what I mean. This is about standing grounded and knowing life is, ultimately, beautiful and if I can’t see that perfection, it is a sign pointing me to an opportunity for my own healing.

What is one book you have read over and over again? Non-Violent Communication, by Marshall Rosenberg. Marshall is one of my personal heroes and I had the pleasure of learning from him directly a few times. Although he is no longer with us, he’s left such a strong legacy!

What do you like most about the Victoria Yoga Conference? I love that there are so many experiences to grow and open and connect spread kindly over three days. The pace is as much or as little as you want and there is so much variety there is something for everyone!


Before becoming a conflict mediator, coach and trainer, Julia Menard was an aerobic instructor. She was focused on leading people to higher states of vibrancy. After a year living in Japan and studying Buddhism, she introduced mindfulness into her daily practice. Now, decades later, Julia’s life work is to help others engage in conflict constructively. Underneath her approach, is this dual foundation of movement and mindfulness. Her work has come together in the last year with a new book: How to Hold Onto Yourself Through Conflic – co-authored with a neuroscience therapist, Judy Zehr.