Teacher Feature: Dr. Alexina Mehta

What do you like most about the Victoria Yoga Conference? The joyful, warm energy and intention to create a fun and blissful weekend.


What or who inspires you?   The music, dance, art, healing and spirituality of India. I happen to be from India, so that works! The life path of being a warrior for love, light and wisdom inspires me. It is the ground on which my life stands on.


 Do you have a personal philosophy you live by? 
Live from my heart.
Reach for the stars.
Keep moving forward. 


How did you begin to practice yoga? My uncle told me about the benefits of headstands when I was 14 years old and than when I was 18 he said, let’s open up a yoga studio. At the time I was not in the mindset for it, but a year later I started to practice yoga and then did my first yoga teacher training at age 20. I started teaching classes right away, and thousands of classes later, I still love it.


If you could spend one day anywhere in the world where would it be? Beside and with his Holiness the Dalai Lama…wherever he is.


What advice would you give your younger self? Meditate more. Reflect more. Listen more…to your Intuition.

Dr. Alexina Mehta is a Yoga and Pilates teacher, Naturopathic Doctor, energy medicine practitioner, international speaker, soon to be published author and lover of creative and artistic pursuits.
She has a thriving practice in Kitsilano, Vancouver with a focus on family medicine, women’s health, hormone imbalances, pediatrics, digestive health, weight loss, sports performance, mind-body awareness and chronic disease. She brings an inspirational, uplifting, refreshing and innovative approach to natural medicine. She is also a long time dance student and enthusiast!