Teacher Feature: Christy Greenwood

Christys in COlour_9999_344 - Copy (1)What or who inspires you? I am inspired by love, music, dance, nature, animals, humor, the creative process
and the vast, exquisite mystery that is life itself.
What is your favourite quote? “This is our grace: To be a note in the exact chord that animates creation.”
-Mandlovu Poem by Deena Metzger
How do you recharge your batteries? I recharge my batteries by playing cello & piano, dancing, yin yoga and bathing in nature’s bountiful gifts with my camera & neighborhood dogs. I love laying on my back with my lower legs propped up on pillows and giving myself Reiki in the middle of the day with one of my cats purring on top of me. I find making a big pot of nourishing soup and enjoying a harmonious meal with family and friends very nurturing. I also revel in my silent alone time when I can bask in the glory of deep listening.
What is your evening ritual? My evening ritual is often a blend of letting my breath & body move me on the mat, candle lit Epsom salt baths, or self-massage in the infrared sauna. Each night my (now teenage!) son and I hold each other’s hands and say, ‘I love you’. Sometimes I read or pick a card from one of my oracle decks.  I always make sure to massage my feet with nourishing oils before getting cozy under the covers with my husband and repeating  silently, “Thank you, thank you, thank you…for everything”.
Christys in COlour_9999_766What advice would you give your younger self? Practice kindness towards yourself NOW! Fiercely cultivate self-love through nurturing self-care and compassionate self-talk. Stop leaking energy by focusing on what other people might think about you. Begin that practice now! You are whole and complete, you just don’t fully know that yet. Keep dancing and playing music. I love you.
What do you like most about the Victoria Yoga Conference? The Victoria Yoga Conference offers a unique community opportunity to discover & experience the gifts of the multifaceted world of yoga. The variety of quality experiences offered is outstanding and attracts those  who feel the call of their soul guiding them home through the temple of the body-heart-mind. 

avatar.jpg.320x320pxChristy Greenwood is a Transformation Specialist, Healing Artist and Dance Machine bringing her authentic self and playful energy while holding a deep and sacred space for revolutionary growth and healing. She has 17 years of experience as a bodyworker and is certified & trained in BodyTalk, massage, Reiki, Lomi Lomi, Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Dance. She lives, loves and learns in the Cowichan Valley with her permaculture obsessed hubby, 13 year old son and 3 really cute cats.
Join Christy for Rewilding From Within – Dance Yourself Free on Sunday February 7th from 4:00-5:30pm at the 2016 Victoria Yoga Conference.