Teacher Feature: Cathy Valentine

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Find Cathy teaching Vijnana Yoga on Saturday February 6th at 4:00pm.

Do you have a personal philosophy you live by? I live through prayer (intention) and karma yoga – offering the actions of this life to god or the field of awareness and accepting the results with love and gratitude. In the past I held the intellect very highly, now I see her place as a powerful tool for the understanding and expression of the heart and spirit, ultimately of the Self – myself.

Many people choose a word for their year. Do you have a word for 2016? I have been leaning towards good old happiness recently and I pray for this unfolding to continue in 2016.

What is your favourite song to practice yoga to? I love “Ong So Hung” by Guru Singh: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ gurusinghexp I play it often when I practice asana at home and I would play it in every class I teach if it wouldn’t drive the students crazy!

Describe your personal yoga practice. I have practiced at home, alone for many years, so that this is not a refuge but a way of living. I practice sitting meditation for 30-40 minutes, pranayama also for 30-40 minutes, then asana for about an hour. I also read and study yoga texts/scripture such as the “Yoga Sutras”, the “Bhagavad Gita” and wise writings from sages such as Ramana Maharshi. When I leave my yoga room I am still a yogi, still practicing presence, awareness, surrender, love and peace. Oh, yeah, and I practice headstand and shoulderstand in the afternoon.

If you could spend one day anywhere in the world where would it be? Tiruvannamalai, India – practicing yoga on a rooftop as the village awakens, climbing around on Mt Arunachala before it gets too hot, chanting in the Ramana Ashram, eating a south Indian thali for lunch, meeting like-minded folks, and riding a scooter with no helmet into the farmlands.

What do you like most about the Victoria Yoga Conference? I like that the Victoria Yoga Conference features local teachers and speakers, and that there are a variety of offerings for all sorts of yogis, from beginners to advanced, and teachers too.


Cathy Valentine lives and teaches yoga on Salt Spring Island. She has been teaching yoga since 1999; she is certified with Vijnana Yoga International, and is an E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance. Cathy offers a 1-5 year Traditional Yoga Apprenticeship for learning and teaching yoga. Cathy is a dedicated yogi with special interest in the practices and philosophy of Hatha yoga and the wisdom of Advaita Vedanta (non-duality).