Teacher Feature: Britt Buntain

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Find Britt speaking at the Illumination Event on Friday February 5th.

Many people choose a word for their year. Do you have a word for 2016?  Health.

What is one book have you read over and over again? The Artists Way by Julia Cameron

What is your favourite quote? ” The more important the work is to your soul’s evolution, the more resistence and fear you will feel towards it” – Stephen Pressfield

Describe your personal yoga practice. My personal practice is like anything in life, it has a cycle. As far as the physical asana, I know it will be a constant in my life, forever, but there are times when I have gone every day for months, and there are times that I have avoided going, and of course there is in between. The deep connection, spirituality, healing, and self awareness I have gained from asana practice now informs my daily life.

What advice would you give your younger self? This is a good one. I’m going to take what I wrote from my interview with Sara Hembree for the Grit of It in 2014: “Speak up. Speak up about the things that are tough to talk about. Speak up for what you believe in, even if no one else is there to stand by your side. Trust yourself and your spirit. Don’t worry about boys, find fulfilment in your own passions and pursuits. Trust me on that one. Don’t rush growing up- Its a trap. Try not to curse so much, Dad’s right- it’s ‘unbecoming’. And if you do, start a swear jar- that savings will build quickly. Try yoga that one time when you are 16 so that you know to look for it again 4 years later when you move to Victoria. Some paths you walk will be very dark and confusing. Trust that you can handle it and that it will provide great insight for you. I want to protect you from the particularly bad things I know will happen, but instead, don’t change a thing about yourself or your path because you grow up to be happy and grateful, and best of all you impact and help a lot of people because of all that you endure. Keep learning and growing from your blessings, your mistakes, your light and your darkness because you have a gift and I can promise you will do great things in this world if you trust yourself.”

What do you like most about the Victoria Yoga Conference? It becomes a place where all the yoga studios, teachers, and related businesses get to rise up and come together as a supportive community, and remind each other of the connections and networks of resources that we have for one another.


Around 10 years old Britt Buntain wanted to be a teacher because she thought there needed to be more leaders who inspire and help others. She is inspired to guide others because of the lessons and tools she has received from yoga and meditation and weaving. Britt is a weaver, mindful that each thread and fibre is integral to the creation of the tapestry coming together as a whole, and can represent how we as individuals are integral to the building of community and the goals we pursue. What we do has significant impact and value, unique in our offering.