Teacher Feature: Alexa Linton

Teacher Feature: Alexa Linton

Find Alexa teaching Animal Wisdom for Living Well at 10:00am on February 7th.

avatar.jpg.320x320px (21)Many people choose a word for their year. Do you have a word for 2016? Trust

What is one book have you read over and over again? The Tao of Equus

How do you recharge your batteries? A trail ride with my mare Diva, my dog Kia and a good friend and her trusty steed.

What is your morning ritual? Feed the horses, yoga, good yummy breakfast and write!

What is your evening ritual? Do you have any healthy eating secrets?

What is your guilty pleasure? Really good chocolate, preferably organic

What advice would you give your younger self? Everything really does work out in the end – patience young grasshopper.

What do you like most about the Victoria Yoga Conference?
The people for sure! What a beautiful group of individuals sharing space – smiles and joy everywhere.


A modern day cowgirl with a mission, Alexa is known for lighting up her world and her clients with her infectious personality, bold teaching style and her secret sauce, quantum-shifting energy medicine. When these forces combine, perceptions transform forever, and health and lives change in the most fabulous ways. With over ten years of experience working with horses as an Equine Sport Therapist as well as thousands of animals and people as an Animal Intuitive, Energy Alchemist, Author and Wellness Consultant, Alexa has developed a healing style that is as intuitive as it is inspiring.