Speaking the Language of the Universe

Why does it feel like I can never catch a break? Or get ahead… when I’m trying soooo hard? I get it. I used to have the same questions… and what I learned through years of studying, practicing and learning is….To design a handcrafted life you love, you must do these three things…

-Ann Marie McKenzie – 2020 VYC Teacher- 

Ann Marie McKenzie understands that life has texture and that people crave, real authentic support during those pivotal moments we all confront. She counsels deeply with emotional literacy, guiding you to create a handcrafted life and that intentionally feels good. She works with people who are ready to get open about living soulfully and is the go-to experiential Master Desire Map Facilitator, your transformational guide to living and doing business in ways that promote holistic well-being. She believes authentic leadership for one’s self is the key to leading people towards a common goal. Ann Marie offers curated intimate programs for women, men, entrepreneurs, teams, businesses, community, and youth while providing feelings-based experiences that encourage people to get real, get creative, get messy – and get clear.

She has been an essential oil user since 2000 and began integrating doTERRA essential oils into her life and workshops in 2016. Ann Marie believes in the power of using EO’s to support our emotional energy bodies creating a positive ripple effect for our physical and mental needs. Ann Marie will be launching her premium coaching program in 2020 to empower heart-centered entrepreneurs discover their core desired feelings and build a handcrafted business they love without the stress, overwhelm and burn out, even if they don’t want to talk about their feelings! The Desire Map for Business – where heart meets hustle.

You visualize. Use mantras. Practice gratitude. Create vision boards. Make lists. Eat healthy food. Move your body daily. And meditate. Do yoga. Yet the life you want to manifest just isn’t happening. And right now, your big question is…Why? 

Why do the same situations keep happening to me? Why does it feel like I can never catch a break? Or get ahead… when I’m trying soooo hard? I get it. I used to have the same questions… and what I learned through years of studying, practicing and learning is….

To design a handcrafted life you love, you must do these three things…


To manifest a handcrafted life you love, you must first BELIEVE that you are the creator of YOUR life. Life isn’t happening TO you. It isn’t predestined for you to discover. You were gifted with free will to choose your own adventure of thoughts, experiences, beliefs, friends, hobbies, careers, relationships and more. And the good news is, the Universe is always conspiring to work WITH you — it’s up to YOU to show up as a willing participant and collaborator.


Once you acknowledge that you are the creator of your life and stand in that new found power, your next step is to learn to speak the language of the Universe…this is how you will successfully manifest the life you desire. And despite what you might believe… it’s not some colossal secret. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God, Goddess, All That Is, The Divine, Jesus, Allah, Buddha or nothing at all. You don’t need to be spiritual, or a witch, or belong to a religion. We all have this common thread that connects us to the cosmos…our feelings and emotions. Feelings are the language of the Universe. And not coincidentally, the language of your Soul. They are the built-in GPS system within you that guides you to make decisions and allows you to attract your reality.

The problem is…You’re most likely emotionally illiterate. (Don’t worry, most of us are.) Think about it…At school, you were taught reading, writing, and arithmetic. When you expressed emotion on an intense level, you were probably teased, ridiculed, sent to the Principal’s office or told to suck it up. At home, it wasn’t any better. Maybe it was a little safer to express your emotions, but having a conversation around why or what you were feeling just didn’t exist. And if you did, it was very basic – happy, sad, or angry. If your childhood didn’t go something like this – be very grateful. You’re waaaaay ahead of the game. Because when you are disconnected from your emotions, a few things are happening… you’re weakening your GPS signal from attracting what it is you desire AND you’re blocking the Divine Breadcrumbs, aka the directions, that the Universe is sending you in. The Universe is dichotomous. In order to understand hot, you must experience cold. Light cannot exist without the darkness. To receive, you must also give.

Your feelings are emanating vibrations at all times. 

And the frequency of those feelings are the vibrations that you’re sending out into the Universe from your GPS (giving). The Universe then matches that vibration and sends it back to you (receiving). This is a Universal Law — like attracts like. So, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you can expect to keep getting what you’re getting. But if you want to change your life…

YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR FREQUENCY. Author, Danielle LaPorte, of the best-selling book The Desire Map states: ‘Knowing how you want to feel, can be the most potent form of clarity. Generating those feelings can be the powerfully creative thing you do.” The first step then is getting crystal clear on how it is you want to feel in ALL areas of your life. It takes a holistic approach to create holistic happiness. Then, make small choices each day to feel how you want to feel. Take a walk. Read a book. Call an old friend. Eat clean, healthy food. Hug someone. And when you manifest those feelings, ask the Universe ‘how does it get any better than this, what else is possible?’ Believe and trust that YOU, yes YOU, have manifested the feelings because they were within you all along. Be aware that just when you make this connection, your ego might play tricks on you and tell you it isn’t real. Negative thoughts of doubt may arise and question your worthiness…Because your ego’s job is to protect you… and change is scary. 

You are in the game of creating the highest, most authentic version of yourself and in order to do so – change is inevitable AND the only Universal constant. An emotion that you deem ‘negative’, like… anger, jealousy, or sadness is a brilliant and beautiful message guiding you in a different direction. Feel it. Listen to it. You have the power to shift any moment simply with your breath and by practicing gratitude. When you show the Universe your appreciation for what already is, you unleash the magic of the language and send a message that you are ready to receive. Learn the language. Speak the language. Feel the language…And create a handcrafted life you love.