Siri Amir Kaur

Siri Amir Kaur, Alanda Carver, is a yogi, meditator, and homeopathic healthcare provider. She is dedicated to her passion of teaching kundalini yoga and meditation, while practicing yoga in all aspects of life. She believes meditation is a key principle of self-empowerment and she is currently working on a 1000 consecutive day meditation practice. Whether guiding new-comers or seasoned practitioners, self-empowerment is the goal of all of her work.

Siri Amir’s classes and workshops are dynamic, fun, and inspirational. She is a charismatic and gentle spirited teacher. With her upbeat personality and sense of humor, she is able to impart the technical aspects of the practice necessary to have both longstanding and far-reaching results for her students. Siri Amir encourages her students to apply the notion of challenging themselves with compassion to achieve their best on the mat in class  so they can use the wisdom gained to  be their best in their every day lives. She looks forward to being with you in class and sharing the powerful benefits of kundalini yoga with you. Sat Nam 

What I enjoy most about the Victoria Yoga Conference is the community. It is exciting to see everyone gathering from everywhere to share our practices and greet each other.

– Siri Amir Kaur –

What or who inspires you? Being in service to my community inspires me. I have the honour of sharing in so much healing and growth. I get to see people coming deeper into their essence every day!
What quality do you admire most in others and why? I admire the quality of being humble and honourable.
What do you do to manage stress and anxiety? I work with the tools of my practice. Kundalini yoga strengthens the nervous system and the endocrine system so that I can remain strong in the face of adversity, anxiety and stress. It is like riding the wave instead of being washed over by it.
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