Shelf Yourself

<em>Guest blog post by Kathryn Kusyszyn</em>

For her 40<sup>th</sup> birthday, her family gave Tracy Boyd a weekend yoga getaway to the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga. As she was leaving, one of the senior community members said, “You know, we have a teacher training program here and I think you’d be great.” Fast forward to 2013; Tracy is now entering her eighth year as a Faculty member of that teacher training program. She also teaches private, corporate and small group classes in Victoria. From her personal experience of anxiety relief through yoga and meditation, Tracy is passionate about sharing the therapeutic applications of the practice. Qualified to teach yoga for cancer, yoga for depression and yoga for addiction recovery, this spring Tracy deepens her studies on Yoga for Cancer at The Kripalu Yoga Centre. Yoga for caregivers, yoga for the deaf and hard of hearing, and prenatal yoga are also on her roster. I caught up with her between classes to find out about her offering at the Victoria Yoga Conference.

<em>”Yoga gave me the opportunity to have a different relationship with myself. In order to find out who we are, we need to know who we are not. This all levels class will include guided contemplation, visualization, yoga asana and breath work.  Moving from the known to the edge of the unknown, we will place what we believe to be ourselves on “the shelf”, thereby making space for our true nature, or “True Self” as it’s called in yoga.”</em>

Here’s what one of Tracy’s students had to say about the experience:

“So deep, so supported, so safe and so sacred. ..with each repetition of movement you encouraged us to honour a part of our self…and then to gently place it aside. Each flow going deeper into my core being and finding a release from the holding (sometimes clinging) to my sense of identity. You gave us permission to let go, to really, truly and fully let go. The love and real care you bring to the mat is a unique gift. You are a heartfelt spirit guide with the strength and presence to hold a room of thirty people, each on their own deep and difficult journey to the Self. How remarkable, and how precious! I am so grateful.”

That one weekend birthday trip led Tracy on a journey of self-discovery, teaching and sharing the benefits of yoga with others. In her words, “In these times, we talk about peace and expect that it’s going to come from outside. For me, the practice is about creating peace from the inside. Teaching gives me an opportunity to create an environment for people to come and make that commitment to themselves. During the class, there’s a group of people practicing peace and perhaps they take that with them into their daily lives.

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Kathryn Kusyszyn is a yogi, bodyworker and health coach in Victoria BC. Her passion is supporting people accessing and acting on their inner wisdom to create a life they love. Kathryn teaches Yoga for Scoliosis and is the author of the upcoming book: Finding Centre: A Yoga for Scoliosis Companion Manual.  <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>