Setting Intentions


As I was driving home today I was reflecting a lot about the end of 2016 and all the tribulations, rejoices, and memories created each year.  I don’t set resolutions for each new year, as our goals shouldn’t be something to stress out over and I don’t like to think of things in terms of “things I’m giving up, ticking off a checklist, or a must have to accomplish”.  That might work for some folks, but for this busy yogi trying to juggle life, children, husband, career, and everything else each day brings, the resolution model just isn’t an option.

Instead, I’m trying something new this year.  I’m going with setting personal intentions for 2017.  An intention is an objective that guides your action, something that is conscious and purposeful with the ability to change and adapt along the way.  It sounds very appealing and the moldable part adds a fun and flexible element to where I’m at in life.  As a mother of two children, being flexible and a constant chauffer keeps me hoping.  I need goals that can change and I can work with regardless if I’m waiting to pick kids up or have ten minutes in the car alone to reflect.  The idea of intention got me feeling inspired about and what I’d like to pursue more of.  It was a much different feeling than the drag feeling that comes with setting a resolution.  What I love with intention is it can be something as simple a setting the intention to take a few moments out of every day to give thanks for all the goodness that surrounds my life.  I love that it takes into account who I am in this moment, what I want to be and appreciating the larger picture around me.

 I’m ready to welcome 2017 as a year of new possibilities and fresh starts.  My internal yogi self took a moment today to reflect on how I “felt” in 2016 and what I might consider changing, or dare I say updating in 2017.  And when I use the word “updating” I’m not talking about my vehicle, I’m more so thinking about trying to keep positive in a world full of so much turmoil, and trying to hold perspective on what I cherish most.  Through that reflection today, I’ll give you a hint that things like spending more quality time with friends and family was numero uno on my list.  That was followed by something for myself, like enjoying more learning and self growth by actually attending friends yoga classes and getting out more for a ladies night with some of the lovely mama friends.

I’d like to say my intentions for 2017 will include much more meditation and being able to journal write to my hearts content, maybe even throwing in never losing my patience with my children.  I’m trying to be realistic though of where I’m currently at and in all honesty those are bit unattainable.  It was actually funny in my reflection of 2016, the hopes I hope enhance my year ahead were things like: take more quality breathes throughout my day; write a letter to a friend every month letting true friends know they’re loved and thought about; share a few more smiles throughout the week; pick up the phone instead of text so much so that I can hear the beautiful voices on the other end of a call; and choose quality projects to dedicate my efforts in 2017.  My intentions for this year are a bit deeper and more heartfelt than ever before, and certainly a lot more meaningful than the good ole’ resolutions I used to make to meet a goal.

 The beauty with intentions is there’s a bit of flexibility built in.  There’s most certainly a level of accountability along the way, but if something changes there’s no need to tap out or hit a breaking point.  It’s key to take a moment or ten to reflect about your personal gains, loses, and simply amazing moments that made up this past year.  My theory is that as you set your intentions they get lifted up in the world and then you’ll bump into others that help offer to fulfill.  It’s in those moments we shall remember just how much our little actions can equate to big impacts.

 On that note, I’m going to buy my plane ticket to the Victoria Yoga Conference coming up February 2017.  Attending the conference most certainly fulfills my intention to breathe more, connect with friends, remind myself of the pace I’d like to keep for 2017, and the added bonus of sharing space with so many wonderful like minded people that share my passion for health, inner strength, and community building.   Wishing you health and blessings for 2017.  May all your intentions come to light.


Meet Deb, a certified 200-hour yoga instructor with a passion for teaching Vinyasa flow style classes. She’s lived in Kamloops, BC for the past two and half years and worked as the Fitness Coordinator for the Kamloops YMCA. Deb enjoys teaching a variety of yoga, barre, spin, and trx classes. This will be her third year in attendance at the Victoria Yoga Conference and second year as a Yoga Ambassador from Kamloops, BC. After seven years of teaching yoga,Deb feels so fortunate for each day, to skim the surface towards love and light, with the ability to dive into all yoga has to offer.