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Cure your community with love and it will spread.

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Why are you excited/happy/committed to sharing your wisdom at the 2020 Victoria Yoga Conference? 

I went to the VYC for the first time last year. During this time, I had lost a lot of confidence and was going through a difficult transition in my life. The teachers and ambassadors were wise, authentic and caring. I took away something special from everyone I met that weekend. I am excited to give back in the same way that I was given 🙂 

The theme of the 2020 conference is ‘love is medicine‘. What does this mean to you? 

Love IS medicine. To show kindness, compassion and respect are all forms of love. I believe that if everyone in the world were to choose love with every decision, this love energy would cure our planet and ourselves. This is difficult to achieve, of course but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Cure your community with love and it will spread. 

How do you nourish yourself? 

I nourish my body with lots of different types of movement. To aid my recovery I prepare and enjoy homemade, healthy food. I nourish my mind and spirit with creative ventures and meditation. I nourish my heart with deep, meaningful talks and adventures with whoever is willing to dive in with me. 

How do you stand for love? 

I stand for love by means of acting out of love. I do my very best to choose love. We make hundreds if not thousands of decisions everyday. I have learnt and I keep learning on how to slow down or pause to reflect on how I can make my decisions based on love. Love for myself, love for this planet and love for others. I believe it is our duty to create love within ourselves so we can exude love everywhere we go and to whomever we meet. 

How do you build community? 

How I build a community is the same way I stand for love. I spread compassion, patience, and enthusiasm with a bubbly wisdom that can be seen just by being myself. I create a personal bond with Self, with loved ones and with people I meet along the way of life. 

Tell us about the book you would recommend over and over again?

I would recommend Modoc by Ralph Hefler. This book is based on a true story about a boy and an elephant (Modoc) being born on the same day, in the same hour, almost at the same time, and within the same home. Their adventures in life together was captivating from beginning to end. The risks they take for the love of each other are extremely incredible and it shows, to me, that true friendship, integrity, loyalty and love can be absolutely magical and powerful if we believe it enough to be so. 

Do you have a favourite mantra or words of nourishment you return to to sooth or motivate yourself? 

3 mantras I love to use are as follows: 

I am at peace (when I am feeling unsettled and restless) 

May I be cleared from fear ( when anxiety is getting the best of me) 

My body is happy, healthy and at ease (when I am feeling physically sore from doing too much or when my back, due to a couple of past injuries, is acting up)

A back injury is what got Samantha into yoga. She didn’t really know what this yoga was all about but nothing else was working to help strengthen and heal her back in the right way so she thought she would give it a go. I attended a restorative for backs class and it was like magic! Her back had never felt better. Samantha kept going 3x/week, 2 Restorative and 1 Yin. When her back healed and she could do more, she started practicing Vinyasa classes and LOVED it! Yoga taught her to go beyond the poses to not be afraid to take a leap, or sometimes a small step, towards a direction that serves her. She now has an understanding in herself and loves herself deeply and unconditionally. Not only has she expanded herself physically and do things she never thought she could do, but her relationships have gotten so much more beautiful and magical. Samantha feels an understanding loaded with wisdom that comes from the universe and she has learned we are all a part of everything. We are all one. When Love is the answer, peace can be attained.


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