Reanna Costa

Reanna has been teaching yin for 11 years and training teachers to teach yin for 5. She has a unique approach to yin which dives into the energy body through the chakra system as a means to shed light on imbalances and beliefs that hold us back. Her transformational approach to yoga connects her with yogis all over the world through mentorship, online courses, teacher trainings and life coaching.

View Reanna’s workshops for the 2018 Victoria Yoga Conference

I love the Victoria Yoga Conference because I love the community of yogis! The energy is that of acceptance versus competition, love instead of judgment and unity rather than separation.

– Reanna Costa –

What or who inspires you? My daughter. Her thirst for life and child awe.

Do you have a personal philosophy you live by? Awaken. Evolve. Inspire. The more I allow, rather than force these qualities, the more life opens to me and for me.

How did you begin to practice yoga? Yin. Down dog – childs pose. And sometime, nothing more.

What is your favorite season and why?  I love fall. It represents the part of all creation where death is natural, effortless, beautiful even. This time of year reminds of of the impermanence of all things and invites me to turn towards my fears, to let go of what may no longer be serving me, to allow the death of parts of myself, to embrace my shadow and to turn towards the darkest parts that I have avoided.