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The Art of Practicing Small

 Guest post by Lindsay Rose I hear so much in the way of “Go for the Gusto!”, “Dream Big”, “Go Big or Go Home”. While this concept has it’s place occasionally in our lives, I believe in “Practicing Small”. I believe in slowing down and enjoying every single small step...

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Off the Mat | 20 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years

I have recently had the pleasure of attending my 20-year high school reunion. And I do say "pleasure" without a whisper of irony. I was genuinely curious to find out how my classmates had evolved since being liberated from the insular microcosm that defines the high...

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Finding and Appreciating the Simple Things

Guest post by Caron Somers Can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say how glad they are that the holidays are over because now life can get back to normal. Normal? What does normal really look like? But I suppose instead of normal some of us are wanting...

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10 Reasons to Attend the 2013 Victoria Yoga Conference

Guest post by Sherrice Kirby Here we are, 2013 is under way full of resolutions, goals, dreams, challenges and all the excitement that comes with a desire for change. So kick your year off by making a decision to engage in a weekend to stretch your body, balance your...

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New Years reSOLUTION

Guest post by Caron Somers The buzz is getting louder, even complete strangers at the check-out are asking me what my new years resolutions are. There is the temptation to say ‘not to talk to strangers’ but I smile politely and say I’d like to eat more kale or run the...

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Guest Post by Caron Somers No doubt you’re rushing around this time of year, trying to do three things at once while texting and trying to iron while cooking dinner. We’re all guilty of it and no matter how many times we tell ourselves, we don’t make time to slow...

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Miracles of Healing

Guest post by Caron Somers We hear about miracles during Christmas time, people exclaim it out loud when they find a parking spot at a crowded mall or find a shorter check out line. Everyone talks about miracles joyfully and with even a little expectation – its fine...

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