New Years reSOLUTION

Guest post by Caron Somers

The buzz is getting louder, even complete strangers at the check-out are asking me what my new years resolutions are. There is the temptation to say ‘not to talk to strangers’ but I smile politely and say I’d like to eat more kale or run the marathon, anything to get the line moving.

But what if we thought of solutions for 2013? What in our sphere of influence needs a solution? How about your neighbourhood, your work place, your mode of transportation? How could you be a part of a solution? We all know Gandhi’s famous “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” But I want you to start thinking about how you can be the solution to a problem/quandary or frustration. What would it take for YOU to be the solution?

This takes the emphasis off of us and our little sense of entitlement that we cling to (and maybe it’s just me that clings to this). It’s no longer focusing on how we can stop drinking coffee, or eating less chocolate but instead puts our focus on our community. During the winter months I tend to hermitize myself (yes, that’s my word for it) and focus on ‘us four and no more’. I lose sight that spring will be upon us and only look out at the dreary rain or soggy mud and think that’s this is as good as it gets.

But dear friend, hope is on the way and you’re going to be the one bringing it. And if it seems daunting or too big for you, take it in small steps. Case in point- our refrigerator started dying two days before Christmas, the fridge part went and the freezer became slightly cooler – with all our Christmas fixings in it. The problem was, we had an old fridge that fit exactly under the cupboard. The new fridges were all 3 inches taller and when I phoned 3 companies to come and saw the bottom shelf off they all refused saying the job was too small.

For a year we’ve known the fridge was on its last legs but that bottom shelf was terrifying us and no one could help. So on Christmas eve, we got out our old $5.00 hobby saw and started sawing off the shelf – an hour later and one inch through we went and bought a $15.00 saw with three rows of teeth and off we went. Between my 74 year old mother and myself we sawed for 10 minutes at a time and eventually got the shelf off. We stared at amazement (and sore arms) that we had tackled a project that had terrified us for a year was now done.

The new fridge is due to arrive next week and we’ll probably celebrate with something frozen and in the meantime, I am using that shelf as my touchstone for 2013. Something that is beyond my comfort zone is what I am going to strive for. Being a solution for someone or something is the goal for 2013. I will always have weight to lose or the desire to floss more but I want to go outside of myself this year and be there for someone else.

How about if you join me on this adventure? If you look out at the world around you, what springs to mind? It may cost you in time or convenience or even money, but you my friend, are the solution someone has been waiting for.



Caron Somers is a local artisan and blogger who can be found online at and in the MarketPlace at the Victoria Yoga Conference February 2013.