Why You Need Meditation: be in the driver’s seat of your life

I once heard the argument that we put so much time and energy into preparing our physical body for the day – bathing, grooming, dressing, and so on; but we neglect to prepare our mind for the day as well. The moral of the story being that without setting up for a mindFUL day, we are at risk of going through the day or week mindLESSly.

I am a big believer that every decision you make is going to take you closer TO or farther FROM the vibrant life you want to live – whether you are making that choice consciously or making a choice simply through inaction.

I am also a big believer that our thoughts, beliefs, and moods are all connected (in fact, there exists decades of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy research which backs me up here!). If we don’t enter each day mindfully, we run the risk of being controlled by our reactions.

My favourite OSHO quote on this topic is: “Reaction is dominated by the other person. He insults you: you get angry, and then you act out of anger. This is reaction. You are not an independent person; anybody can pull you this way or that way. You are easily affected; you can be blackmailed emotionally. […] Response is out of freedom. It is not dependent on the other person. The other person may insult you, but you don’t become angry. On the contrary, you meditate on the fact – why is her insulting you? Perhaps he is right. Then you have to be grateful to him, not angry. Perhaps he is wrong. If he is wrong, then for his wrong why should you burn your heart with anger?” (p.21-22 in his book, Emotions)

Ultimately – mindfulness practices (including meditation and yoga) are powerful tools to help you to avoid being sidetracked by reacting rather than responding, and to take steps everyday to live a life you love. So make time for an extended savasana or a quick seated meditation today!

Tip: If the silence is intimidating, there are awesome guided meditation apps that are partially or entirely free and begin at 3 min increments like Headspace, Calm and Insight Timer! Come find me at #VYC2019 if you have any questions!


Hi, I’m Cassie Starc and ​I am happy to call myself a Yoga Teacher (& Student!), Occupational Therapist, and Outdoor Enthusiast! Originally from Ontario, I moved to BC to live and play in the wilderness this amazing island has to offer. I found yoga about a decade ago, but didn’t connect with the practice until a couple years later when I found a studio who introduced me to all aspects of yoga – meditation, asana and pranayama. Yoga has offered me a playful physical practice and the space to come back to myself in silent meditation. My practice has helped me to better understand myself and as a result, create a life I love around me. In my teachings, I aim to weave a spirit of playfulness and intention throughout; challenging my fellow students to take their intentions off the mat with them. I strive to be involved in events which offer ongoing learning, new perspectives, and connection with community, and so I am very excited to be an Ambassador for the 2019 Victoria Yoga Conference!