Madelin Rocheleau

Madelin Rocheleau is an elementary school teacher from Victoria, BC and a certified yoga instructor. In addition to having her own classroom, she teaches kids yoga and mindfulness, kids dance and adult yoga at Esquimalt Parks and Recreation. She is also currently studying Developmental Psychology in preparation to pursue a masters in Educational Psychology. Madelin is passionate about empowering children to self-regulate through the use of mindfulness and movement. Her goal is to make mindfulness accessible to children, parents and teachers alike so that we can all continue to grow together.

View Madelin’s workshops for the 2018 Victoria Yoga Conference

Since moving to Victoria, the Victoria Yoga Conference has become a yearly event that I eagerly look forward to! It has played such a major role in my connection to the Victoria yoga community. I have made such great friends through the conference and always enjoy the yoga immersion experience it fosters. There’s something so rejuvenating about being surrounded by a community of people who are all there to grow and connect to something greater in themselves and in us all. I always leave the conferences with a full heart.

– Madelin Rocheleau –

What or who inspires you? I am most inspired through meaningful conversations with others and am fortunate to be surrounded by such open, authentic and creative friends. I absolutely love when “hey, how’s it going?” turns into an insightful journey of connection and collaboration, sprouting unexpected ideas and perspectives.

What do you do to manage stress and anxiety? Self-care has become a major stress-management tool for me this past year. Making time for myself to enjoy a healthy meal; indulging in nourishing, natural skin-care products; taking mindful moments with my mala and some essential oils; taking time for yourself doesn’t have to be big gestures but the impacts are huge.

What do you do to spur creativity? I very lucky to have connected with my passions through my work – whether it be teaching kids at school, teaching yoga or dance. Being present in these passions are a constant source of creative inspiration, so much so that I often get completely lost for hours on end in creative planning and I love it!

Describe your personal yoga practice. While my asana practice is very important to me, practicing yoga in my daily experiences is the part of my yoga practice that I value the most. Breathing, noticing, reflecting – that is my yoga.

How did you begin to practice yoga? I first discovered yoga in University while trying to find a substitute for years of competitive dance. Once I experienced the flow and challenge of vinyasa yoga, I was hooked!