Despite the dark mornings and early evenings, I am relying more and more on light these days. It could be weather/season related but not so sure that it is. And its not envy, even though I am sad about not owning a ranch in Hawaii with full time staff and a private jet to whisk me there (it’s good to have detailed dreams I believe ).

No, its more like needing light to peer into the year a head. What does 2013 look like? Am I ready? And its also the end of a year. A huge 365 days that were filled with potential and promise and did I do everything that I could have done with it? And now what?

Here’s where the light comes in. Light, no matter the source has the ability to do many things. It can illuminate to show something that we couldn’t see was always there. Or it can also show that there is nothing there like we had imagined.

We have light close by in many sources, an electrical light, battery light, a candle, a drawing of the curtain to reveal the sun and maybe most importantly – we have each other to be a light in our lives.

Friends and family can be helpful in listening to our fears and helping us realize that fears aren’t always facts. When all we see are dark days ahead of us, these people dear to us can help us see a little further ahead and to see that there is light ahead. Often they have walked further than we have and can help us move along the trails a little easier because they have been there before.

Years ago a group of us decided on a whim to hike and equipped only with bags of trail mix and water we hiked in. About a quarter of the way down we realized this trail may have been too advanced for our group and our supplies but on we trekked, relying on groups coming back for information. As soon as we heard approaching footsteps we’d pant out ‘how much further? Is it worth it? Did you see any bodies of other witless hikers along the way?’ Each time they’d laugh and encourage us further along. And finally we reached the beach and collapsed in gratitude, sucking on the last dregs of trail mix and water before we turned around and made the journey back.

On our way back we were filled with bravado when more travelers asked us if it was worth it and would they make it? Because someone believed we could do it, we did and then we encouraged the next ones we met.

And maybe that’s our job during these last remaining days of 2012 – being a light to those who are worried they won’t make the journey ahead. Or being a light to those who just need to know they are loved and cared for. And sometimes that will be a big job and sometimes it will be an easy task for us.

Let’s look back on 2012 not as a year where we didn’t live up to our potential, but look back on all the people that were light to us. Who walked beside us on our journey, or gave us wisdom when we weren’t sure. Then think about the times we were light to someone else, no matter how small it was, you were there for them.

Let us together continue to be light, because when we stand side by side as a community, we can illuminate so much more darkness.



Caron Somers is a local artisan, blogger and can be found online at and in the MarketPlace at the Victoria Yoga Conference February 2013.