Less is More – The Pace of Grace

Guest blog post by our Ambassador Emily Deslaurier

Less is More

The Pace of Grace

12493779_939977932724441_2749694780914894496_o (1)Yoga is both a practice and a lifestyle. Because our life becomes our practice, the journey of yoga can easily become all-consuming. With many different styles of classes, teachers and philosophies it can even become overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Less is more. Regardless of my place along the journey, I’ve found these principles have allowed me to get the most out of my practice, and my life.

  1. Trust the process. Less questioning will consume less thought. Trust the yoga, it’s been working for thousands of years. Show up, turn off any doubting, let go of any excuses and receive the lesson you’re meant to receive each time you reach your mat. You never know when the practice will be called on to serve you or those around you. Be consistent and trust.
  2. Choose one focus at a time. Each practice choose one thing to focus on; a cue, a mindset, a devotion. Stick with it the whole class.  Be mindful of its insight and its impact.
  3. Leave space. Schedule one less “to do” in your day so you can enjoy the space between all the 12493771_939977896057778_5051474880387784176_oothers. Protect space before and after practice for contemplation, for stillness and for absorption.

So, whether you find yourself practicing once a week, completing a 40 day sadhana, exploring yoga in India, attending teacher training or taking part in a weekend yoga conference, challenge yourself to adopt a pace of grace and you may find there’s even more to savour.

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Emily Deslaurier

Yoga to me is always about connection – to your self, to your potential and to the support of a community. With a yoga teacher for a mom I was so fortunate to be exposed to the power of yoga as a kid and have turned to my mat as a sanctuary to fuel whatever it is I need, wherever I am in life. I used to compete as an athlete in many sports and followed my passion for human movement and health with a degree in Physical Education. I’ve since taken on a life of travel to explore the world of progressive education in fields of sustainability, environment, language, wellness and spirituality.  Read more.