Kyla Gagnon

Human, animal, mother nature, we are one.

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Why are you excited/happy/committed to sharing your wisdom at the 2020 Victoria Yoga Conference?  
I am excited to share my love/knowledge/passion at the VYC because sharing is caring 🙂 Yoga is about connecting, human to human, soul to soul, all sexes, genders, shapes sizes and races. I love sharing the benefits of yoga with the part of our community who are unfamiliar with the practice. I love sharing practical and useful ways that the average person, the non yogi can begin and thrive in their own yoga practice.
The theme of the 2020 conference is ‘love is medicine‘.  What does this mean to you?
Ahhhh I love this so much. I truly believe that L O V E …. Heals all. Not surface level, conditional love but instead unwavering unconditional love between every living creature. Human, animal, mother nature, we are one.
How do you build community?
Building community is a big part of my day job, and in fact my side hustles as well. I work and have for the past 15 years as a personal trainer both in person and online. I host online fitness / lifestyle challenges that have worked wonders to bring complete strangers who are all working on similar personal goals together who would otherwise never connect. My boot camp classes have organically developed into a family, with open arms for all new faces who jump in along the way. More recently I have added DoTERRA to my business projects. A big part of working with DoTERRA is building community around holistic health and education. Building a network of men and women who are drawn to a more natural way of living has been a really beautiful process. I am so intrigued by humanity, I love watching people connect, especially in situations where they maybe wouldn’t have had a chance to meet otherwise. I find teaching yoga and offering yoga retreats is another perfect example of this wonderful gift.
What is your morning ritual?
My MORNING RITUAL begins one hour before I begin work. My alarm goes off, I kiss my dog Tucker, slide out of bed and pull up my meditation cushion. I rub 1-2 drops of DoTERRA Balance essential oil on the soles of my feet. ( This is a beautiful blend created for emotional balance and grounding, and the soles of our feet are one of the most absorptive parts of our body) I then use my DIY DoTERRA blend for meditation  on my third eye and crown of head and I sit in a 10 minute meditation.

I drink a warm glass of water with lemon , feed my doggies pour a coffee, get ready for the day, jump in the car and on way to the gym ( where I work) I speak out loud my gratitudes and intentions

What is your evening ritual?

My EVENING RITUAL for winding down includes some more essential oil practices. I add a mix of grounding, calming sleep supportive oils in my diffuser beside my bed about an hour before official bed time. I do my very best to limit my screen time the hour leading to bed time. I make my breakfast for the morning and prepare all of my morning ritual items for a quicker start to my day. Once in bed, I’ll journal for a few minutes and occasionally will read a chapter or so of whichever book I am reading ( currently just finished RISE SISTER RISE by Rebecca Campbell and started THINK AND GROW RICH, by Napoleon Hill. I am obsessed with sleep music through the INSIGHT timer app, and will choose one to fall asleep too.

What are you listening to right now?

Listening to a lot of Jay Shetty and Elena Brower podcasts, and recently had an audio book shared with me on manifesting money and I’ve replayed the 7 hour book 3 times now in a row. “ Get Rich Lucky B&%$” I think it’s just great!!!


Tell us about the book you would recommend over and over again.

If I were to recommend a book, just one…. Oh man that’s a hard question and I funnily enough ask it to people allll the time, would be THE POWER OF NOW- Ekhart Tolle.

After going through a bit of a tough time in her late 20’s, Kyla came to realize that the one thing missing from her life, was her yoga practice . Kyla realized that the last time she felt like herself was when she was practicing yoga. It was then that she realized the power or taking the time to be still, move with your breathe and surrender to each day as it comes. She now practices daily even if only for 5 minutes and even if only child’s pose and meditation. Sharing this with her students is truly the highlight of Kyla’s day. Allowing someone to BE, connect with emotions and self in a Safe space means the world to her.


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