Kristine Salmon

Kristine is a long time anatomy teacher and enthusiastic presenter. Her teaching method attempts to cater to all learning styles, including lecture, visual displays, interactive anatomy and movements as well as team based learning. She has practiced and taught in Victoria and Toronto for the past 8 years in anatomy, is the strength coach for the Women’s Basketball Program at UVic, and volunteer coaches Basketball in the community. She started her yoga practice upon moving to the island in 2010 and has become keenly interested in the scientific value of yoga on our bodies.

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My favorite part of the conference is after the conference. It is a very challenging weekend both physically and mentally to teach, participate and restore between all the exciting events available.  I love that  the energy and spirit of the conference is so uplifting that once the weekend is over, you feel excited, empowered and hopefully a bit introspective for some time. I do also really enjoy how “blissful” the halls of the conference. Just happy bodies floating by, with love in their hearts

– Kristine Salmon –

What quality do you admire most in others and why? Introspection.  I was never able to “brood” as a teenager, and now as an adult, I feel, but it takes me time to see where the feeling comes from.  Yoga helps my slow mind:)
What is one book have you read over and over again?  One series.  Harry Potter.
What is your favourite quote?  “Worse things have happened to better people”.  It’s my family’s motto.
Do you have any healthy eating secrets?  Yup!  Drink water.  Our thirst and hunger centres are very closely linked in our brains.  Make sure you’re not thirsty and just thinking your hungry.
Describe your personal yoga practice.   – A work on progress!  I have a sport backgroud that allowed me to play varsity basketball in University and led me in to Strength and Conditioning Coaching, but it took until my 30’s  to find my mat, and recognize the huge benefit of yoga for both my body and soul.  My years of sprinting about have left me with some what comical flexibility limits and more than a few injuries to be mindful of, but I love the work I do on my mat and in my mind.
What advice would you give your younger self?  Don’t eat anything your Baka (aka.  Grandma) wouldn’t recognize.  I came of age in the early 2000s where bars, bites and the bizarre were common place.  I wish I could go back and get my 20 year old self to read ingredients, and more so, eat real, basic, delicious food.