Katie Thacker

I am a yoga teacher, plant eater and nature appreciator. Through my yoga teachings I strive to provide a balance of breath, fluid movement and alignment. I teach a strong style of vinyasa filled with creative sequencing, unique transitions and carefully selected playlists. I am also a certified yin teacher. When teaching yin I focus on providing a place for stillness, silence and self love. Teaching acro yoga allows me the opportunity to constantly work to create a more inclusive and accepting community. Acro yoga has helped me to develop my communication skills, my relationships with my partner and my friends, and provides me with a continuous challenge to improve. It is also incredibly fun. When is the last time you played like a child?

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The Victoria Yoga Conference is family. Every single teacher, volunteer, and ambassador are genuinely so excited to spend time with people they care for and to make new friends and connections. I find it to be such a humble experience where each teacher shares from their heart and I think the students really feel that.

– Katie Thacker –

What or who inspires you? Vulnerability inspires me. I have been very inspired by the women in society taking a stand for what they believe in over these past few months.
What do you do to manage stress and anxiety? Exercise and sleep! I know when I am anxious or stressed my body needs to move, whether that is through yoga, acro, running, or strength training. I am very particular about my sleep schedule and know that if I don’t get 8-9 hours of sleep each night then I will be a mess.
Do you have a personal philosophy you live by? The thoughts that you repeat to yourself daily, and the people that you surround yourself with, create your reality. Ensure that both your thoughts and your community embody the qualities that you want to welcome and manifest in your own life.
What is your favourite song to practice yoga to? Currently it is Chateau by Angus and Julia Stone
What do you do to spur creativity? I enjoy playing different games and puzzles, like card games or jigsaw puzzles. They get my mind thinking in a different way and I find that lends well to my acro yoga practice and creativity around that.