Journey Into Self

As I lay in the bath in a solo retreat into myself, I begin to feel the sensations. The prickle of the almost-too-hot water, the buoyancy of the epsom salts and the softness of the oil I drizzled in last minute. I begin to feel the sensations of my body become more alive, more acknowledged, more known. I find my fingers grazing over a small scar under my arm, a one inch area of my skin where there once was a wound that lay wide open. And then another scar, another area of my body that once was “flawed” and had to heal itself back to health. I find dimples in my thighs, stretch marks on my stomach and a few new bumps that weren’t there before. Finding these physical pieces of who I am leads me to think about what it means to be flawed, to be scarred, to be imperfect. I think back to when each scar was formed, when each stretch mark was created and the many ways in which I’ve used my body in the last 30 years. From the moment we are born, we are perfect and whole. From that moment moving forward, we continue to be perfect and whole. It lives within the disillusion of adulthood that we begin to see our body’s elements as “flawed” or “scarred” or “ugly”, when in actuality, our body is telling a sacred story. Our body is sharing the story of our life; who we are and how we have lived.

Each scar represents healing and perseverance.

Each stretch mark represents personal growth and expansion.

Each dimple is a reminder that you are whole, alive and have choices in life.nWhen each unique imperfection of our body is viewed as a window into who we are and the life we have lived, it becomes more sacred, more special, more beautiful.

To me, yoga is that journey. The journey into Self. When we still our mind and retreat inward, we begin to see that nothing is right or wrong, good or bad, perfect or imperfect; it simply is.

In this year, the year of 2018, may you find new ways to view your beautifully imperfect and beautifully unique body as exactly that; BEAUTIFULLY YOU.

Deanna Deacon coaches women to understand their physical pain patterns in order to acknowledge their body as an intuitive map and find peace & empowerment in their lives. This journey began from a childhood of intense physical pain that took years to acknowledge was directly related to emotional trauma. Over the last 10+ years Deanna has been exploring the healing potential of yoga to connect deeper into her body’s intuitive wisdom and has recently become a certified yoga instructor focusing in Anusara, a modern-day Hatha system. Deanna’s goal in life is to re-activate Divine Feminine Empowerment in every being she meets, allowing you to honour and welcome your true authentic self to the game of Life.

Deanna is also the Founder of the global community of women supporting women; Soulful Sisterhood. This online community was created in May 2017 to connect women far & wide to offer inspiration, kindness & friendship and live a High Vibration Life.