Gabriel Shaw

When it comes to movement practice, Gabe believes in methods that reflect our life principles. He believes that training ought to be light-hearted and sustainable. His mission is to bring people together on the path toward self-discovery through fulfilling disciplines. He especially enjoys sharing with other dedicated learners who are seeking a richer experience of themselves and their community. His first introduction to Tai Chi was over 15 years ago and his influences include the practices of Yoga, Vipassanna, Martial Arts, etc. He is completing my B.Sc. Kinesiology later this year.

View Gabriel’s workshops for the 2018 Victoria Yoga Conference

I jump on any opportunity to get together with other dedicated practitioners to share our personal practices free of judgment or dogma. This is the best part of the Victoria Yoga Conference. This year seems like the most diverse year so far, and I’m excited to participate in such a rich group of students and teachers.

– Gabriel Shaw –

What or who inspires you? The word inspire shares a root with the word spirit (latin: spirare), meaning literally, to breathe. So what fills us with life? Being part of something bigger than ourselves. I’ve been inspired lately by systems and traditions, which connect us to other practitioners – present, past and future. Many of us get this kind of fulfillment by through our individual yoga, movement or spiritual practice.

What quality do you admire most in others? The people that dedicate themselves to these types of traditions are also the people I tend to admire. I’ve recently realized that discipline equals freedom. Choosing to accept certain restraints can actually open up many possibilities. For example, choosing to focus your energy on one thing can reveal deeper principles. Characteristically someone that has been pulled in many directions, I admire others who are able to develop self-discipline.