Colour Matters

Guest Post by Keely Fandrick, 2015 VYC Ambassador

My role as an Ambassador for the Victoria Yoga Conference, which takes place January 30 to February 1, has given me space to explore and network within different styles of yoga on and off the mat. I’m thrilled to be hosting a pre-conference event in my community of Powell River, Nurture Your Nature, on January 11, 2015. We will explore our relationship with our environment with an introspective nature walk and yoga class. I’ve included here another way to bring nature into your daily life.

Are you feeling uninspired, do you have low energy or lack of drive? Try surrounding yourself with more green in these dark, wet days of winter. The colour green represents growth, hope, wealth and most importantly nature. It is the easiest colour on the eyes which brings a calming and refreshing feel over our whole body.

As a whole, our relationship with nature and the environment has weakened, we are spending more time inside in front of a screen than outside in the dirt. We need to reclaim our relationships with nature so it can heal us, energize us and inspire us.

In our busy modern day live’s it can be hard to get outside as much as we would like to.

Here are a few tips to bring more green into your day:

  • Take a daily walk in nature. Commit to even as little as 10 minutes a day and more if your schedule allows.
  • Change your computer wallpaper and screen saver to a nature scene.
  • Eat more dark, leafy greens.The chlorophyll in the greens will boost your energy and increase your well-being.
  • Buy a plant for your home and office. It will improve the air quality and improve your mood!
  • Bring the smells of nature into your home with essential oils. Some great ones are lavendar, sandalwood, frankincense and orange.
  • Wear a green! It’s a colour that looks great on every skin tone and you’ll be positively affecting everyone you meet.