Clearing the Path to Your Most Beautiful Life

Vision boards bring clarity and
focus to your life paths.

A guest blog post by Alex Van Tol

It’s a new year, and you’ve been given the gift of many days stretching ahead of you, each one open and ready to be filled — ready for you to create the best possible life for yourself.

Neuroscience teaches us that what we think about becomes our reality. Here’s a quick breakdown of how this phenomenon works:

  • A thought arises in your head.
  • You either accept or resist this thought.
  • Either way, the energy you spend thinking about it gives the thought power.
  • If you think about something enough — whether accepting or rejecting it — it becomes a belief.
  • Your beliefs shape your perceptions and your choices.
  • Over time, your perceptions and your choices shape your life.

It makes sense, then, to choose thoughts that lead you in a positive direction rather than those that lead you in a negative direction.

Focus on the light, not on the dark, and you’ll get more light. It really is that simple.

The essence of vision boarding is to capture those ideas and things that bring you joy and that indicate a positive outcome, and to create a physical reminder of these.

The act of selecting images and words that make you feel good is powerful. It sends a message to yourself that you’re taking your trajectory seriously — and that you’re serious about wanting to steer it toward your highest good.

This process becomes even more powerful when you arrange your chosen images and words on a large surface that you then post in a place where you’ll see it regularly. I post my vision boards in my bedroom, where I can see them from my bed. This seems to be the place where I am most often at ease, at the end of the day and especially at the beginning, where I am relaxed and open to possibilities.

A note on possibility: Anything is possible.

In vision boarding, it’s okay to bring your grandest dreams. Life, the universe, whatever you call it, will bring you events that reflect the thoughts in your mind. That’s exactly how it works: you get what you believe. If you hold back from articulating your desires, the universe can’t pick up on your energy and bring you the things that you seek. What it will do is pick up on the energy behind the things you are thinking about — and especially the things you speak out loud — and bring you those.

Vision boarding offers you a chance to send a clear message that you are asking for positive things that nourish your soul and, through that, the world around you.

Typically I use posterboard for vision boarding, although some people enjoy using a corkboard or a magnetic surface so they can move items around. It’s okay to add material to your vision board as time progresses; there are no hard rules. If you discover a desire you want to pursue months after building your board, add it. Like your own growth, it’s a work in progress.

Over time, my vision boards have become more powerful as I learn more about intention and energy. The things I put on them manifest more quickly and in a more beautiful form than I could have imagined. I have learned to trust my desires, to reframe negative thinking, and to believe that the things I want — joy, harmony, love, abundance, healing for myself and others — are out there, ready for me to accept and use to best benefit when they are placed on my path.

Start small, or start big. The key is to begin asking, with intention, for the things that bring you peace, joy and good feelings.

Committing those things to a visual display that you look at often keeps you in a place of expectant wonder, and reminds you of the more beautiful life you know is possible.

A final note on investing in your own growth: Discard any feelings of guilt that you are taking time to think about what you want. You’ve flown on an airplane before, and you’re familiar with the instruction to put your own oxygen mask on before helping other people. Same goes for your own growth. Work toward finding and growing your love within, so that the love you send out into the world is long-lasting and meaningful.

The truth of life is that we do not create ripples of good from a broken or unfulfilled place. We can only create lasting ripples if we do it from a place of light.

So go ahead and dream. You are perfect just as you are. You deserve wellness. You deserve love. And the world deserves your beautiful energy in return.