Celebrating Community

This past Winter Solstice I taught a special yoga class at MOGA, one of the yoga studios I teach at in Kelowna, BC. The class was an all women’s Hatha Flow Yoga class with aromatherapy – we used Frankincense essential oil which is great for focus and meditation. Participants were asked to bring elements from nature, things they felt connected to or things they were grateful for (there were lots of photos) for our alter at the front of class, with pine branches and candles. We started class by sharing our names, and something we were grateful for in 2017. Family, health, opportunity, and growth, were some of the words shared. A room full of strangers shared their first names and what they were grateful for, and just like that they all felt like they belonged there – that’s the beauty of yoga! A yoga class has the capacity to bring strangers together in record speed. It’s amazing to see as an instructor.

The evening was a great reminder about life, and how both dark and light are part of it. During the dark, cold months it’s important to sow seeds of hope, and keep them warm and toasty on the inside, ready for the return of the sun. New Year’s resolutions are great, but I think that consciously acknowledging the light and dark in life and what you learn from both can help us when things are going smoothly, and when they are not. This is another thing I love about yoga, being still, and noticing what the body is telling us, through breath and movement.

After class, each student left with a smile, thanking me for holding space and I noticed feelings of calmness as they went. I asked the students to continue their Winter Solstice celebrations at home with a cleansing, relaxing bath, with epsom salts and frankincense oil or lavender. I am not sure who went home and did that, but I was honoured to teach this group of women during the longest night of the year, bringing them together to take a moment to reflect on their year, and sending them home with a sense of calm and belonging. As an instructor, that is what we are there for: holding space, and helping our students listen to their own inner wisdom by leading a class that fits with the students’ presence.

I am very excited to be going online in 2018 – if you are pregnant, or a mom with a new baby – be sure to follow me at mogamoms.com (sign up for the newsletter) and on social media: facebook.com/mogamoms and instagram.com/moga_moms. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world either, motherhood is a crazy journey, and I love teaching this population.. it’s my thing.


Hannah Day is a yoga instructor from the Okanagan Valley, specialzing in prenatal and mom and baby yoga. Hannah is honoured to teach moms during this powerful and emotional time in their lives – connecting them with their babies through breath and their yoga practice.  Hannah’s office is located at local charity Mamas for Mamas, and she teaches once a month at Karis Society to moms in recovery with their babies, and she is currently in the process of taking mom and baby yoga online, so women across Canada can bond with their babies through yoga. Hannah is also offering a Mom and Baby Yoga Teacher Training coming in 2018 – online, certified through Yoga Alliance!  Look out for both at www.mogamoms.com