Carmen Spagnola

Carmen Spagnola helps people heal the wounds of disconnection from self, from each other, from spirit, and from the natural world. She is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Professional Intuitive, and Licensed Wilderness Guide who helps spiritual seekers re-connect to their soul. She is also a Somatic Attachment Practitioner, having trained with Diane Poole Heller, PhD, in Somatic Attachment Re-Patterning. Her wilderness quests are a modern day rite of passage for people seeking initiation into the mysteries of birth, death, and regeneration, and are uniquely situated in the liminal space between personal and ancestral healing work, trauma recovery, and cultural repair. In her clinical practice, she applies Attachment Theory to healing models that are somatic (body-based) and actively tap the creativity and resilience of the subconscious mind using trance, meditation and visualization.

View Carmen’s workshops for the 2018 Victoria Yoga Conference

I like the Victoria Yoga Conference because I like gathering in community to practice and celebrate embodiment, self-acceptance, and mutual encouragement.

– Carmen Spagnola –

What or who inspires you? I’m inspired by my Quaker elders, by people who challenge binaries and conditioning, and people who willingly undertake challenging  spiritual initiations such as pilgrimage, wilderness quest, and vipassana meditation.
What quality do you admire most in others and why? The capacity to speak unpopular truth, to resist the urge to conform and go along to get along, and to be honest when it’s uncomfortable to be so.
Do you have any healthy eating secrets? Local and in-season, mostly home grown. Only happy meat. Exotic fruits and vegetables and nuts are rare in my diet. Except chocolate – chocolate is my forever exception!
What is one book have you read over and over again? Love Poems by Pablo Neruda.
How do you recharge your batteries? Long immersions in the wilderness.
Describe your personal yoga practice. An hour of rotating between child’s pose and knees-to-chest rocking side to side on my back is my ideal practice 🙂
How did you begin to practice yoga? I took a prenatal yoga class in my second trimester and continued on with mom-and-baby classes for quite a while afterwards. I’m convinced that yoga reminded my body how to move naturally and calmly through labour and is the main reason for my easy home delivery in spite of the midwife not arriving until after my baby was halfway emerged.