Guest Post by Caron Somers

No doubt you’re rushing around this time of year, trying to do three things at once while texting and trying to iron while cooking dinner. We’re all guilty of it and no matter how many times we tell ourselves, we don’t make time to slow down.

We don’t take time to breathe, to just put everything down for a few minutes and breathe in and breathe out, repeat. We are too busy and we have too much to do. Did you know the Chinese characters translate busy as ‘heart dead’? So maybe the next time you’re talking to someone you could throw in a few ‘I am so heart dead these days’ and see how they react. Busyness is killing us and depriving of us time for ourselves, time to grow, time to breathe and most importantly time to build.

Now I am not talking physically taking a hammer and nails and wood and building something, but building community. The upcoming Victoria Yoga Conference is a mere 42 days away, have you registered for it yet? Have you gone thorough the website in detail and looked at all the different components? You’re coming aren’t you? Because we need you to help build community. Yes, you specifically because the gifts you have as a person are exactly what we need.

Think of it as a puzzle – there is only one puzzle piece shaped like you and if you don’t come, that space will be missing. We need your personality, your passion, your quiet, introverted ways. We need to see how you see the world and most importantly we need to hear you because you’re a part of our community.

If the events of the last few days have taught us anything, it’s that we need to be present here and now and we need to be there for each other. Even when we don’t know what to say, sometimes having the ‘ministry of presence’ is as powerful as any words or actions. To sit with someone and be there, not focused on our stuff but just to sit with someone and listen to them. To acknowledge that you are there beside them and even if we don’t know what to say, sitting side by side is enough. You are enough and you are whole and alive and breathing and we need you to come and be a part of our community.

On February 1st we’ll gather in Victoria, BC as a group of people committed not only to yoga, but to each other and for three days we’ll take time out of our busy heart dead schedules and take time for ourselves and each other. We’ll sit together for meals and classes and we’ll laugh and maybe cry together and collectively as a group we’ll evolve into better people than before we came to the conference.

Because that’s what happens when people come together as a community, they learn to slow down, breathe and in the process start seeing life through different eyes. They see themselves as strong warriors ready for life and most importantly, we’ll see ourselves as part of the Victoria Yoga Conference community and that my friend, will make all the difference. We’ll see you in 42 days.



Caron Somers is a local artisan, blogger and can be found online at and in the MarketPlace at the Victoria Yoga Conference February 2013.