Basha Nemeskeri

Move from a place of  compassion action, drive, and care.

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Why are you excited/happy/committed to sharing your wisdom at the 2020 Victoria Yoga Conference? 

Every fall I start to plan my winter – it gives me something to look forward to on the bleak rainy days – and the thing I looks MOST forward to, is the VYC. It’s a weekend where I’m usually away from my family and so I can begin to remember my own internal rthyme and schedule and not that of anyone else. I am surrounded by people who love to talk, and practice and break apart yoga and meditation, and I have space in my day to learn new things from teachers I revere.   

The theme of the 2020 conference is ‘love is medicine‘.  What does this mean to you? 

Ohhhh! I especially love this theme. When I teach yoga I often refer to the medicine of the postures. Each one heals a different element of our physical or emotional selves. Love truly is the most common healer – self love, love for others, love for what we do and how we do it – are all expressions of how if we allow ourselves to move from a place of compassion, action, drive, and care, MAGIC can happen! 

What is your morning ritual?

How do you manage stress or overwhelm? I recently went to Toronto to visit my little brother who I see rarely – while staying with him I noticed that every morning before work he has a long hot soak in his tub – odd because that is the exact same ritual I do when I need a moment to regroup and take care of myself (which I’ll be honest is not evenings in the winter months when my husband works away) I’ve also learned to turn towards meditation and Krista, specifically kundalini as taught by my dear friend Jay Sutterbrown (check out her classes at this years’ conference!!! 

How do you want to be remembered? 

I hope that my kids remember me as loving and fun..That my husband remembers me as dedicated and steadfast….That my students, friends and acquaintances remember me as kind, passionate, and playful. There are so many aspects to a person, so many stages they go through. It’s funny to think, but there are hundreds of people who have known a version of me that no longer exists anymore haha. 

How do you stand for love?

I stand for love by showing by example what boundaries are (self love) By nurturing and loving those who are the hardest to do so to sometimes,  and by standing up to those who unknowingly hurt others or break the bond of love 

How do you build community? 

I create community by being inclusive, and introducing people to one another so that they might find the common thread that holds us all together. I love to hold yoga workshops and events where people are encouraged to speak,l and even touch one another in an effort to show folks that they’re never alone. 

What do you do to nurture your creative spirit? 

I’ve recently found a local studio that has weekly art projects based on the seasons. It’s a beautiful space where I can create driftwood and sea glass (those are my faves) pieces without having to worry about clean up or finding materials. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening here in Nanaimo. 

Yoga is Basha’s passion! Her goal is to create an open, safe, patient environment which enables people to grow. She has been studying yoga for the last 14 years, and has always been guided to serve and to share her passion with others. She lives and loves in Nanaimo, where she spends her days playing with her family, hiking, adventuring, and learning all the ways she can incorporate yoga into life.

Yoga is truly a gift that enables us to never stop learning. Basha has done almost half a dozen teacher training’s and can’t see herself stopping anytime soon! It’s a never ending University of YOURSELF! and it’s magical to see the lessons that are unearthed year by year. The wisdom that she holds in her is the same that we all have. We’ve just sadly forgotten how to access it. Basha’s hope is to help people remember how incredible they were designed to feel, and to begin to use the wisdom and healing that is within them to strengthen their minds, bodies, and spirits!

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