An accidental $20…


The story of an accidental $20 in my mailbox

Every day we encounter choice points, decision-making and chances. In late summer I took a chance and applied to be an Ambassador for the Victoria Yoga Conference. Then one happy Monday, a sweet little email arrived saying I had been accepted and I was so very excited I had taken that chance. Becoming an Ambassador for the Victoria Yoga Conference has been such an exciting experience so far. The yogis I have had the honour to meet online in different communities around BC and Alberta have shown me yet again I am living my passion and connecting to people who I really appreciate and jive with! Part of our role for this opportunity involves creating local community events by donation, creating fun events for all the participants at the Conference and connecting often to brainstorm social media posts, delivery of posters and a few minor tasks. We really are a team of people dedicated to getting the word out about yoga, education, continuing to be a student and a few mindfulness and recipe tips along the way.

So, I received my package of posters the other day in my mailbox and in the envelope I found a random $20! As I found out later, it had accidentally been put into my poster package instead of another piece of paper! So we decided the best way to use this $20 would be for me to take this extra cash and do something in my community in honour of paying it forward. My initial instinct was to donate to my favourite charity, but after some thinking, I decided to come up with an alternative plan. Since the VYC is all about yoga, community, and being a student, I decided to ask a few of our local studios if I could buy a drop in pass for a reduced cost with this money and pay it forward to students near and dear. Of course it was a yes from all, and so at my event which happened on December 11th I pulled 4 names out of a draw. These 4 lucky yogis won a free class to gift away when the time is right to keep paying it forward!

It is funny how each day we have an opportunity; a choice to make and a chance to take. Our actions, chances and choices, even if accidentally, can affect others… like the random $20 in my mailbox that has turned into a gift of health to 4 unknowing people.

Kate watsonAuthor: Kate Watson, VYC Ambassador

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Yoga has always been a part of my life, since I was a small child, my mother took me to meditation classes and yoga practices! As I grew older, I got involved with many sports competitively and landed myself a ton of injuries and back pain. As I was finding a way to rehabilitate myself, I landed in a Pilates studio which changed my life forever! I fell in love with Lara, my business partner and the combination of Pilates and Yoga and over the 10 years we created a series of Yoga, Pilates, massage therapy and Physiotherapy clinics that continue to thrive in the Okanagan. I sold everything a couple years back to pursue my love for yoga and a new Yoga prop called NEUlotus which allows me the freedom to be a mom to my 3 beautiful children, a teacher and help people connect, align and grow their practice!