Yoga is connection

Become a VYC Ambassador

Are you active in your home town yoga community and interested in sharing information about the Victoria Yoga Conference.  If this sounds good to you, apply now to become an AMBASSADOR for the Victoria Yoga Conference.

We believe building strong communities creates abundance for everyone.  You help spread the word about us and we provide an opportunity for you to participate in the 2020 conference, give away passes and create a buzz in your own city.

Victoria Yoga Conference Commitment

We’ll provide you with:

  • A complimentary all access pass for you.
  • An additional all access pass to give away through a community event you host in your city/town.
  • A personal profile on the Victoria Yoga conference website, linking back to your own website or facebook page.
  • Recognition at the opening event for the Victoria Yoga Conference and in the conference materials.
  • Incentives for conference passes purchased with you as a reference, for both you and your friends and colleagues!

 Your Commitment to us:

  • Share information about the Victoria Yoga Conference in your city/town and online community by connecting with studios, teachers and like-minded businesses.
  • Distribute postcards and handbills within your community.
  • Share information via your social networking channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)
  • Write a blog post for the Victoria Yoga Conference website.
  • Organize a community event to promote the Victoria Yoga Conference with a local studio as a fundraiser for a local charitable organization.
  • Act as a host and ambassador at the conference in February.

 We are looking for Ambassadors throughout BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Washington State, and beyond.

More details!

Each Ambassador is encouraged to host a free or donation-based event in their city/town between November 1, 2019 and January 31, 2020.

  • Victoria Yoga Conference Ambassadors will be supported by VYC staff and a Lead Ambassador who will host monthly videoconference calls to support and encourage your efforts in your communities and keep you up to date.  These calls will be an information exchange.
  • You must fulfill all commitments (outlined above), in order to receive the benefits of being a Victoria Yoga Conference Ambassador.


  1. Contact with a little bit about yourself, specifically where you live & work, and your connection to your community.
  2. If you advance in the application process you will be sent a link to make an application, at that time you will also need to provide a link to a short video that you can upload on vimeo or youtube.  This should be under 3 minutes in length and gives us a chance to ‘see’ you in person.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, something that you’ve done on your iPhone or computer camera is perfect.  We just want to get a sense of your enthusiasm for yoga and being an Ambassador with us.  Videos can also be submitted to




If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.