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The Victoria Yoga Conference (VYC) takes place at the University of Victoria for a weekend of inspiration, motivation, and deep learning about the practice of yoga. From the experienced to the curious, you belong here. 

The Capital Region of Victoria is home to over 50 yoga studios and has supported the conference dedicated to the practice of yoga. The Victoria Yoga Conference (VYC) includes yoga classes and workshops, meditation workshops, teacher talk shops and a business series designed to assist studio owners and teachers on how to market themselves and truly make a business of their passion.

The conference draws 600+ attendees with over 60 classes, live music and over 30 exhibitors in the Marketplace. It includes two full days and a gala evening event to get inspired by ideas with many local luminaries sharing their wisdom and ideas.

We host three annual scholarships. The first is The Breathe fore Life Scholarship, in 2020 we created the Moonbeam Scholarship and the third is a set of five scholarships of free passes to the VYC for those in financial need.

The conference draws 500+ attendees with over 60 classes, live music and over 30 exhibitors in the Marketplace.

Creator and Producer

Meet Carolyne Taylor: connector and communitarian.

Known for creating experiences where people can make a new friend, connect or learn something new, she believes in a world where each person is shining their own special light, and helping others to do the same.

When she’s not building community, she can be found playing on the swings with her grandchildren, serving up a bowl of soup, or coming up with new ideas about making this a better world!

Yoga is connection.

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