5 Tips for Thriving at your First Yoga Conference

Guest Post by Tamara Lee, 2015 VYC Ambassador

Last year I attended the Victoria Yoga Conference for the first time and it was a wonderful whirlwind of a day. Naturally, excitement got the best of me. As I reflect on the experience there are a few things I could have done to maximize my experience. Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of your first yoga conference.

  1. Class Selection: Pick a mix of practice and theory. I think I took one business course last year and the rest were flow classes and hands on workshops. Although I loved every minute of it, by the end of the day I was totally burnt out and couldn’t have imagined practicing a second day. I would really recommend selecting a balanced schedule. The lectures are just as valuable as those master classes you’ve been dying to take.
  2. Class Selection: Try new teachers!  Everyone has something great to offer. Obviously if there’s a teacher who you’ve heard great things about you’re going to want to take their class. But search mostly for classes that are in line with what you want to learn and be willing to try someone new, you’re bound to be presently surprised.
  3. What to Bring: Yoga mat, water bottle, writing supplies, camera  This may sound super obvious and I think it was to most people but I’m the person who forgot to bring a yoga mat to the yoga conference! There are no mats to rent or borrow so don’t forget yours. The teachers at the conference are inspiring and believe me, you will want to jot down many of their inspiring words so make sure to have pen and paper ready. Having a camera is always a good idea and of course a big bottle of water!
  4. Staying Nourished: Pack snacks and plan ahead for lunch One of my classes wrapped up a little late leaving just half an hour for lunch. I met with my friend and since we had no plan we spent the first ten minutes trying to figure out where to go, the next ten minutes in line and the next ten waiting for our food, just in time to be late for our next workshop and savagely tear into our pita bread in front of everyone. Packing a lunch is a great option because you don’t have to worry about waiting or going anywhere. Definitely pack some snacks either way.
  5. Staying Nourished: Take a break, nap or a relaxing class To be honest in my last class I was ready to collapse in a heap, which I pretty much did. Don’t think if you miss a block you are losing time. Yes, there is a lot of awesomeness being offered and it’s tempting to pack in as much as you possibly can but you get so much more from the teachings when you’re able to stay focused and present.

I hope this helps and your experience at the Conference is maximized! I look forward to meeting you at the 2015 Victoria Yoga Conference.

Tamara Lee