10 Reasons to Attend the 2013 Victoria Yoga Conference

Guest post by Sherrice Kirby

Here we are, 2013 is under way full of resolutions, goals, dreams, challenges and all the excitement that comes with a desire for change. So kick your year off by making a decision to engage in a weekend to stretch your body, balance your mind and soothe your soul. Create the strategy to get you to the event and upward dog your yoga practice to new heights this year.

Why I’m attending the 2013 Victoria Yoga Conference and think you should too…

  1. Your community, your conference, your yogis, your body: show up for all of them
  2. Gabrielle Bernstien & Danielle LaPorte… ‘Oh my yoga pants… Together in your community, throwing down gospel to your soul.
  3. Victoria rocks as a conference locale: ‘Fresh sea air, local hospitality and a view that inspires breath’
  4. Yoga, speakers, Bellyfit, and body shakers: ‘Your niche and need will be met’
  5. Marketplace, mala beads and artistry: ‘If shopping is your thing, VYC will be brimming with opportunity for your credit card’
  6. Your favorite yogalebrity on stage and adjusting you: ‘Find your niche & style or try something new with the amazing line up’
  7. What else could bring you this much benefit? ‘Stretch your mind, body and soul’
  8. You have 52 weekends in the year; one of them should be dedicated to yoga… ’just sayin’
  9. You will be calm and relaxed for at least 24 hours after and whatever mess your kids, animal, spouse or friends created while you were gone will cease to affect your blissed out state. ‘Not a guarantee, but, go ahead, test my theory’
  10. The vibrational uplift that takes place may be enough to alter the inner state of your being.. or maybe you will just smile bigger:  ‘Do you really want to miss out on that?’

So what is going to be the difference maker this year?

What is it going to take for you to turn your excuses into reasons and expand your comfort zone?

What will you risk? Who will you become? How will you show up?

What is at stake if you don’t engage in something to rock your world this year?


Click here to register and buy your tickets.


See you there!

Sherrice_Kirby_150_B&WSherrice Kirby, PCC, CEC, BA
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