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The 8th Annual Victoria Yoga Conference will be held February 14 to 16, 2020.
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This conference is for everyone – all ages, abilities, genders. 

From February 14 to 16, 2020, people gather from all over Canada and the USA to be inspired, build community, practice yoga and learn from our esteemed teachers, each others and from their best teacher, themselves.  Keep to to date and subscribe to our newsletter below!

Thank you Victoria Yoga Conference for creating such a fun and inspiring weekend of yoga, and more. Thank you to each of the bright souls I was blessed to share moments with, in conversation, in practice, with a passing smile.

– 2015 VYC Attendee –

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Teaching to special populations and why it is so rewarding

A guest blog post by Denise Darby, VYC Ambassador 2019 Have you every thought or heard someone say that they “aren’t flexible enough to do yoga”, “aren’t the yoga type”, or are “too old for yoga”? As a yoga instructor, I hear this all of the time. Don’t get me wrong,...

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A Yoga Body

A guest blog post by Chantelle Shah-Poulin With a full breath into my being, I sit. A long Inhale, the spacious pause, a deeper exhale, a witness to the exchange of pure life force energy within me.....beautiful, powerful prana. Do I have a yoga body? Is this even a...

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Yoga is You: A Poem

Yoga is you. Yoga is your own sacred practice. Everything you experience within your yoga is your gift from the Universe. The intricate little thoughts that float through your mind. The gentle shaking you feel in your body as you balance in a posture. The intimate...

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Yoga is connection.

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