Who Attends?

You’re curious

Maybe someone told you that yoga would be good for you, or that you could benefit from it.  Perhaps you ready about it in a magazine or saw something on the internet (it’s hard not to these days), or you saw one of our posters.

You’re out of practice

It happens … life gets busy, things come up, and before you know it, months have passed and your yoga mat is gathering dust in the corner.

You’re serious

Yoga, on and off the mat, is part of your everyday life.  A day doesn’t go by when you don’t at least sneak in a meditation or a few sun salutations.

You’re a teacher

You want to bring a fresh new approach to your own classes, and because you are teaching a little or a lot, you may not get to practice in class with other teachers, especially if they live in different cities.

You don’t fit any of the above categories

You’re not sure if you even like yoga and you don’t really even know how you landed on this page.  It’s okay, we have something for you too…. In fact, because we believe a lot of yoga happens off the mat, you can go a whole day at the yoga conference without rolling a mat out.


There is something for everyone at the Victoria Yoga Conference!

Yoga is connection.

Let's stay connected so that you don't miss a thing!