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Each year we select a number of local teachers, as well as teachers from outside of Victoria to share their knowledge at the Victoria Yoga Conference. We primarily select teachers and presenters from the West Coast.

We combine a mix of asana practices, lectures, workshops (dance, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, etc), community classes and business classes – we offer an interesting and diverse program and provide a broad spectrum of all that is yoga and all that compliments yoga. We want to serve individuals at all the different levels they are at (beginners, intermediate/advanced students and teachers). We also want to encourage the general public to attend our community (Yoga Garden) classes to find out more about yoga – our vision is that everyone from the curious to the serious will engage with us each year.

Selected teachers are given a full access pass for the conference, and if travelling from out of town, these presenters/teachers may be provided with travel reimbursement and accommodation, the details of which will be discussed prior to confirming and scheduling.

We are finalizing our 2018 schedule and will re-open teacher applications in January for the 2019 conference.

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